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Biden’s Bizarre ‘Pro-Israel’ Posturing

Biden may think he is scoring points against Sanders and his other competitors, but he is just advertising the bankruptcy of the conventional "pro-Israel" hawkish position.
Daniel Larison December 8, 2019

Trump’s Saudi First Response to the Pensacola Attack

This is the latest in a series of episodes in which the president parrots the Saudi line.
Daniel Larison December 7, 2019

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

A manifesto for restrainers. Stephen Walt lists the principles informing the Quincy Institute’s advocacy for foreign policy restraint. The…
Daniel Larison December 6, 2019

Endless War Degrades the Military

When a war cannot be won, the rational thing to do would be to stop fighting it, but instead of doing that our political and military leaders treat endless war as a new normal that must not be questioned.
Daniel Larison December 5, 2019

The Iran Obsession Strikes Again

Trump may be sending as many as 14,000 more troops to the Persian Gulf as part of his bankrupt Iran policy.
Daniel Larison December 4, 2019

Trump Can’t Close Any Deals

Perhaps the biggest political threat to Trump is the destruction of his unearned reputation as a dealmaker.
Daniel Larison December 4, 2019

The Russians Are Coming!

It is discouraging to see that one of the dumbest talking points from the Bush era has returned.
Daniel Larison December 4, 2019

What Advocates of Restraint Want

The most important part of the manifesto is Walt's appeal for the U.S. to live up to our own ideals by eschewing the illegal and destructive behavior of the last twenty years.
Daniel Larison December 4, 2019