Justice Ginsburg’s Death and the Future of the Supreme Court

The death of the 87 year old associate justice has already stimulated predictable but unenlightening reactions.
George Liebmann September 21, 2020


Rod Dreher

The Coming Social Credit System

American industry is preparing for future implementation of soft totalitarianism's key mechanism
Rod Dreher September 21, 2020


Rod Dreher September 18, 2020

State of the Union

When Ruth Bader Ginsburg Got the Fourth Amendment Right

The late justice was often in error. Yet one of her opinions involving warrants and civil liberties is worth celebrating.
Matt Purple September 19, 2020

Prufrock: Books, Arts, & Ideas

A Previously Unpublished Edith Wharton Story Sees the Light of Day

The Times Literary Supplement runs “The Children’s Hour,” about a priest’s afternoon
Micah Mattix September 21, 2020

Leaving Academia

Micah Mattix September 17, 2020

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The Moral Roots Of Our Foreign Policy Crisis

A new analysis of Irving Babbitt suggests that our wars are weaved into the moral fabric of our society.
Matt Purple September 19, 2020

An Inside Look at the Impeachment Fight

One of the president's closest allies in Congress tells his side of the impeachment story.
Rep. Matt Gaetz September 19, 2020

By All Means, Let’s Attack Cuties Without Watching It

We need to restore the lines we once had as a society, and so-called artistic viewing shouldn't be a prerequisite.
Tony Woodlief September 19, 2020

Science and Soft Totalitarianism

Scientific American's endorsement of Joe Biden isn't terribly scientific or American.
Brian Jones September 19, 2020

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies, Shaking 2020 Race

The stunning death of the pivotal, liberal icon comes as the presidential race reaches a chaotic culmination.
Curt Mills September 18, 2020

Why Do People Move to the Suburbs?

And what are 'the suburbs,' anyway?
Addison Del Mastro September 18, 2020

Back to the 90s: Learning From the First New Urbanists

These planned but traditional communities, now growing into their own, helped transform how Americans think about life in cities.
Kevin Klinkenberg September 18, 2020

The Meaning of an Oath

The famed Russian dissident reflects on why he could not become an American citizen, in an excerpt never before published in English.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn September 18, 2020

How to Deescalate America’s Dangerous Warmongering With Iran

Even by the usual standards, Trump's latest comments about the Iranians are distressing. Fortunately there's still hope for dialogue.
Daniel R. DePetris September 18, 2020

The Same Old Bold New Vision

Young conservative organizations think they’re charting a new course, but they’re traveling a familiar one—one that leads nowhere.
Declan Leary September 18, 2020

Trump’s Assad Assassination Comment Undermines His Campaign

A cavalier remark on assassinating the Syrian dictator stands in clear contradiction to Trump's campaign message critical of war.
Curt Mills September 17, 2020

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