Our Lying Military, Our Lying Government

Washington Post publishes secret US documents showing that leadership has long known the Afghan war was unwinnable
Rod Dreher December 9, 2019


What Explains Trump’s Twisted Embrace of Saudi Arabia?

Whatever the full explanation turns out to be, the ever-closer embrace of the Saudis has been a disaster for U.S. foreign policy, the people of Yemen, and the stability of the region.
Daniel Larison December 9, 2019


Revenge? Military Industrial Complex Sponsors Eisenhower Ornament

Lockheed appropriates presidential history to slap its brand on an annual tradition.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos December 9, 2019


In Fastest-Growing Texas, Rural Population Is Still Declining

Texas’s growth over the last two decades has been the envy of just about every state in the union.…
Vincent David Johnson December 6, 2019

Taxpayers Cough Up For More F-35s the Pentagon Didn’t Ask For

Hardly ready for primetime, these 'premier' fighter planes are already cannibalizing spare parts from other needy programs.
Ross Marchand December 9, 2019

So 14,000 Troops to the Middle East ‘Fake News’? Not So Fast

The defense secretary may deny the number, but an internal struggle over the Iran 'threat' suggests there will be deployments.
Gareth Porter December 9, 2019

Pete Buttigieg and the Mercenary Religious Left

If progressives think they can enlist Christianity just to win politically, they’re in for a rude awakening.
Michael Warren Davis December 9, 2019

Elizabeth Warren is All About Patronage, Not Progressivism

The Democrat is seeking to replace middle-class capitalism with the clientelistic demands of identity groups.
Christopher Whalen December 9, 2019

TAC Bookshelf: In Defense of Margaret Atwood’s ‘Testaments’

Here's what our writers and editors are reading this week.
TAC Staff December 8, 2019

In Defense of the Noble Freelancer

Big media outlets claim to speak for the powerless, so why do they treat their own employees like trash?
James Jeffrey December 6, 2019

China Just Opened the Suez Canal of Our Era and No One Blinked

The Belt and Road Initiative comes to Turkey in a big way, but the West is too distracted to notice or care.
Geoffrey Aronson December 6, 2019

The Campaign to Lie America Into World War II

Before Pearl Harbor, there was an elaborate British influence operation of forged documents, fake news, and manipulation.
Hunter DeRensis December 6, 2019

Peter Fonda: We Got ‘Easy Rider’ Wrong, Man

The late actor disagreed that his film was about a lack of freedom in 1960s America. Quite the opposite.
Bill Kauffman December 5, 2019

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