Josh Hawley on the Rocks

The 41-year-old Senate up-and-comer was, until 2021, just that. Things have changed. 
Curt Mills April 17, 2021


Rod Dreher

Brave Dad Bashes Woke Brearley

Andrew Gutmann is mad as hell at his daughter's posh indoctrination center, and is not going to take it anymore
Rod Dreher April 16, 2021

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Dwight Macdonald: Disturber of the Peace

One of America's most influential critics was a Trotskyist, iconoclast, and gentleman.
John Rossi April 16, 2021

Reimagining My Geography of Consumption

Maybe a mental remapping can make Main Street mainstream again.
Madeline Johnson April 16, 2021

Edmund Burke’s Economic Pragmatism

To Burke, ideas were best evaluated by their practical application, not ideological purity.
Richard M. Reinsch II April 16, 2021

Finding Value in Fiction

Ricardo Piglia's fiction offers insights on the human condition, from companionship to indiscriminate evil.
John Wilson April 16, 2021

Should We Go to War for Taiwan?

As China's ambitions grow, a real discussion of the Taiwan situation is urgent.
Doug Bandow April 15, 2021

Afghanistan: Biden Picks Up A Million Dollar Bill Trump Left on the Ground

President Biden, a longtime Afghan War skeptic, announced the completion of the withdrawal initiated by his predecessor.
Curt Mills April 15, 2021

The Wall Street Journal Should Not Go Woke

A conservative bastion faces the dilemma of a modern newsroom.
Robert W. Merry April 15, 2021

Jim Traficant: The Youngstown Prophet

No national politician of his era spoke more forcefully to what have become the concerns of our own.
Matthew Walther April 15, 2021

Royal Treatment, Royal Pain

The odd fixation on royalty in American culture should be put to bed.
Andrew J. Bacevich April 15, 2021

Our Mediterranean Civilization

The classic urbanism of ancient patterns reminds us of what endures.
Theo Mackey Pollack April 14, 2021

The Ricky Vaughn Witch Hunt

The Department of Justice criminalizes right-wing memes, while leaving left-wingers to post the same type of images
Pedro Gonzalez April 14, 2021

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