Rod Dreher

The China Apocalypse

Plague, locusts, an alleged Buddhist prophecy -- all in a new dispatch from the Doctor
Rod Dreher February 22, 2020

Daniel larison

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Pompeo’s nostalgic, fraudulent promotion of “the West.” Andrew Bacevich counters Mike Pompeo’s speech at the Munich Security Conference and…
Daniel Larison February 21, 2020


Michael Bloomberg Gets Stopped and Frisked

He came up short in the Nevada debate. But he might still be the Democrats' best shot at stopping Sanders.
Patrick Buchanan February 21, 2020

Can Historic Preservation Be Saved?

A fresh dispute over historic preservation in Washington, D.C. has earned the movement a new class of critics: environmentalists.…
Nolan Gray February 21, 2020

Seance in an Abandoned Mall

The dead mall explorers on YouTube are today's version of the Renaissance ruin gazers.
Scott Beauchamp February 20, 2020

With Michael Bloomberg, Capital Won’t Quit So Easily

The billionaires in the Democratic Party aren't going to just let Bernie walk away with the nomination.
James Pinkerton February 20, 2020

Flannery O’Connor’s Good Things

One of her collections of letters sheds light on Catholicism's influence on modern American literature.
James Matthew Wilson February 20, 2020

The Bogus Big Brother-Big Tech Brawl Over Backdoors

The law can already get into your phone anytime. But Apple needs you to think it isn't helping them.
Bill Blunden February 20, 2020

Will the 2020 Candidates End Our Pointless Wars?

We are imperially overstretched and The Blob refuses to see it. Will the next president?
Doug Bandow February 20, 2020

Tulsi’s Populist ‘Country-First’ Anti-War Crusade

She's hitting all the right notes for many Americans and plans to take her campaign all the way to the convention.
Hunter DeRensis February 19, 2020

Walking in Shenzhen: ‘Relative Ghost Towns Everywhere’

Our contributor faces his own mortality as he finds himself self-uarantined in a locked-down Chinese city.
CG Fewston February 19, 2020

Michael Bloomberg: Smirking Id of America’s Elites

He says he's 'fiscally conservative and socially liberal.' What that amounts to is dehumanizing authoritarianism.
Matt Purple February 19, 2020

Attacks on Trump’s Fed Nominee Reveals the Central Bank’s Fatal Bias

Why do GOP Senators Shelby and Toomey believe that a candidate for the Fed cannot have conservative views?
Christopher Whalen February 19, 2020

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