Tyranny of the Woke Minority

On issues like trade, immigration, foreign policy, and crime, look to the wisdom of the American people.
Jeff Sessions December 6, 2021


Rod Dreher

Books As Race Bait

'There goes the neighborhood,' says black writer, as a white couple admires her My Little Library
Rod Dreher December 6, 2021

State of the Union

Heavyweight Georgia Primary is a National Bellwether

David Perdue's announcement for Georgia Governor precedes a hard-hitting primary and a bellwether result.
Collin Pruett December 6, 2021


Crime Wave, Twitter Boss, and Omicron

Emile, Helen, Sohrab, and Micah discuss the tragic Christmas parade attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin, amidst a national crime wave
The American Conservative December 6, 2021


Grave Matters

William Cullen Bryant wished to be buried in "flowery June, when brooks sent up a cheerful tune," and weeping friends might make merry by his grave.
Bill Kauffman December 4, 2021

The Fifth-Generation War on Christmas

The war on Christmas is waged by reducing our celebrations to absurdities—not by pushing it into the private realm but by assuming it into the public.
Declan Leary December 4, 2021

Zemmour is the Future

Éric Zemmour is running for president in France. Americans should pay attention.
Micah Meadowcroft December 4, 2021

A Swift Return to Femininity?

Perhaps the artist's musical evolution represents a long overdue rejection of girl-boss feminism and a return to tradition.
Sarah Weaver December 4, 2021

Before Russiagate, There Was Watergate

A new book looks at the Democratic Deep State's tactics to remove three Republican presidents.
James P. Pinkerton December 3, 2021

China Feeds America’s Addictions

More than 100,000 Americans have died of drug overdoses in the last year, many of them because of fentanyl that can be traced across the Pacific.
John Mac Ghlionn December 3, 2021

The Return of the Law and Order Issue

Today's Democratic Party is associated with defunding the police, emptying prisons, and embracing "protests" that involve looting, arson, and assault.
Patrick Buchanan December 3, 2021

On Brick

Having originated in the bare needs of life, post-industrial brick buildings continue in existence for the sake of a good life.
Madeline Johnson December 3, 2021

The Taliban’s War On Drugs

Will the re-emergent Taliban ban growing opium poppy like they did in 2000?
Bradley Devlin December 2, 2021

Why Beto Might Win

This past month, amid great fanfare, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke announced he is running for governor of Texas. Apparently,…
Auguste Meyrat December 2, 2021

The Horn of Africa Heads Toward Apocalypse

Can America save Ethiopia, Tigray, or Eritrea?
Doug Bandow December 2, 2021

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