Pandemics Aren’t Worth It: End Gain-of-Function Experiments

COVID, whatever its origins, presents an opportunity to talk about risks and benefits in scientific experiments.
Micah Meadowcroft May 15, 2021


Rod Dreher

There Is No Good Wokeness

David Brooks's sanguine views on wokeness are badly misguided
Rod Dreher May 14, 2021


Why is a Billion Dollar Pipeline Incapable of Defending Itself Against Ransomware?

The person in charge has some serious explaining to do. This sort of risk didn't come from nowhere. 
Bill Blunden May 14, 2021

What the Right Can Learn from Cesar Chavez

You have to learn, and train, and build, before you call for mass political action.
David Hines May 14, 2021

Family Policy: Investing in Hungary’s Future

An interview with Hungarian Family Minister Katalin Novák.
Jonathon Van Maren May 14, 2021

Transit After the Pandemic

How will the ways we move look different once the U.S. returns to some semblance of normalcy?
Glen Bottoms May 14, 2021

Bad Bezos

Amazon used to empower small American entrepreneurs, then they sold them out
Helen Andrews May 14, 2021

An American Identity Crisis

Thirty years ago, a unipolar world was proclaimed with us on top. Yet we've never quite figured out what any of that means.
Matt Purple May 13, 2021

Glenn Youngkin and the Fast Fade of the Virginia Old Guard

The former Carlyle Group CEO beat out a slew of convention opponents in a party, and a Commonwealth, settling into the new course of things.
Curt Mills May 13, 2021

Toward a New Allied Relationship with South Korea

Washington should start with a vaccine loan to the republic, and consider more opportunities for vaccine diplomacy.
Doug Bandow May 13, 2021

Here Comes the ’70s

We seem fated to relive the turbulent decade that produced President Biden.
Matthew Walther May 13, 2021

How the Insulin Cartel Keeps its Grip

Market concentration keeps the price of this hundred-year-old drug artificially high.
Maxim Jacobs May 12, 2021

A Biden Doctrine Starts to Take Shape

Biden says he wants to prevent military conflicts rather than starting them. He should repudiate the failed approaches of his predecessors.
Andrew J. Bacevich May 12, 2021

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