Corporations Hyping BLM Fail Us in Every Other Way

If Apple and Nike actually cared, they would focus on creating jobs in struggling American black communities. But they don't.
Darrell C. Scott July 10, 2020


Rod Dreher

Wokeness Comes To West Point

Is the US Military Academy producing not warriors, but Social Justice Warriors?
Rod Dreher July 9, 2020

State of the Union

Podcast: Empire Has No Clothes, Episode 10: The Art of the North Korean Deal

TAC talks whether Trump and Kim can still bring it home plus why H.R. McMaster doesn't want the endless wars to end.
Matt Purple July 9, 2020


Conservatism Defends the Natural Order

American conservatism is more than standing athwart history yelling stop.
Chris Buskirk July 9, 2020

Anti-Slavery Zealot John Brown is No Hero

Thoreau and Emerson's effort to canonize the abolitionist fanatic helped spark the Civil War.
Jim Bovard July 9, 2020

Congress Plays Hardball to Keep American Troops Overseas

The U.S. should not prop up NATO allies who are unwilling to invest in their own defense.
Doug Bandow July 9, 2020

Wartime Without End, War Powers Without Check

70 years after the start of the Korean War, presidential lawyers still use its example to launch endless overseas entanglements today.
Daniel Larison July 9, 2020

A Lesson from Robert E. Lee

We can't find a reason to honor the Civil War general because we've forgotten why we needed him in the first place.
Helen Andrews July 9, 2020

We Knew It Was Coming: The Last Stage of Empire is Now

It is far better to see the world with clear eyes than foolishly hope for a return to “High Noon.”
Jeff Groom July 8, 2020

The ‘Moral Clarity’ of the Mob

Intellectuals justifying vandalism and revolution are starting to sound like Iraq war hawks.
Matt Purple July 8, 2020

René Girard and the Roots of Racism

The French philosopher's scapegoat theory is pertinent as the U.S. struggles with its past and current civil strife.
Dwight Longenecker July 8, 2020

The Great Virginia Pipeline Swindle

Democrats took millions from Berkshire-aligned financiers and then set the stage to sell Dominion's natural gas assets to Warren Buffett.
Arthur Bloom July 8, 2020

Redskins Bow to WaPo and Woke Capital

Corporate pressure and negative press have forced a review of the franchise's longtime name and mascot.
Casey Chalk July 7, 2020

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