Cops Kill Because We Gave Them The Legal Framework to Do It

Rather than burning and looting, protesters should turn their ire on lawmakers and judges who facilitate police immunity.
Jim Bovard May 30, 2020


Rod Dreher

St. Harry Loots Target

Rioting, and liberal sanctification of rioters, will fuel intense reaction
Rod Dreher May 30, 2020

Prufrock: Books, Arts, & Ideas

The Extraordinary Georges Simenon

It’s not the number of books Simenon wrote that is impressive. It’s their consistent quality.
Micah Mattix May 29, 2020

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Hope and Humor on G.K. Chesterton’s 146th Birthday

Right now we could use a little of the writer’s common sense and discernment in the face of fear and uncertainty.
Itxu Diaz May 29, 2020

Right Now Interview: Jeff Sessions on Trump, Tuberville, and Free Trade ‘Religion’

'I have come to understand that the neocon foreign policy, the libertarian free market ideology, beyond common sense, was not healthy.'
Arthur Bloom May 29, 2020

VP Pence Could Be the Victim of a Trump Campaign Swap Out

An insecure president has become a vulnerable incumbent. There are indications he’s considering a radical option.
Curt Mills May 29, 2020

Is Delaware’s Governor Limiting COVID Tests to Help Political Allies ?

For-profit testing companies have been banned, swelling the potential reimbursements for several state healthcare systems.
Drew Johnson May 29, 2020

A Kid at Large In the Center of the Universe

Manhattan was once accessible and enriching for children—even wandering on their own.
James Howard Kunstler May 29, 2020

Nevertheless, Pro-Life Democrat Ellen McCormack Persisted

This is the story of a middle class Catholic grandmother who took on the feminists and and ran for president in 1975.
Hunter DeRensis May 29, 2020

Trump’s China Trade War Could Lead to Xi’s Destruction

Beijing has reacted to economic crisis by cracking down domestically, which could have unintended consequences.
Christopher Whalen May 28, 2020

Google, Meet The One Institution More Powerful Than You

The media giant should pay the price for the corporate abuses enabled by its Pelagian culture of free choice.
Mike Wacker May 28, 2020

The U.S. Should Stop Collecting Military Allies Like Facebook Friends

No need to 'un-friend' anyone, but some of them should be supplying their own boots and bombs by now.
Doug Bandow May 28, 2020

America’s Saudi Partnership Is Now Killing Americans

We never needed them as an ally, and now they're more of a liability as a client, too
Daniel Larison May 28, 2020

The Court Decision That Shook the European Union

A German court has challenged the EU's highest judicial body. Its ruling could call into question the union's very legitimacy.
Bill Wirtz May 27, 2020

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