Long Live the Common Cold

If colds disappeared, we would lose one of life’s most valuable little trials.
Peter Tonguette January 21, 2022


Rod Dreher

Totalitarianism At The Bard Library

Disgusting attempt to purge college library of 'problematic' books shows they don't make librarians like they used to
Rod Dreher January 21, 2022


Scripts, Myths, and Public Liturgy

Rod and Kale discuss the anniversary of January 6th and the power of political liturgies to manufacture consensus.
The American Conservative January 20, 2022


Biden Should Close the Door to NATO

With Russia having issued virtual ultimata, our objective has to be to prevent a catastrophic war that an invasion of Ukraine would ignite.
Patrick Buchanan January 21, 2022

The Tide Is Turning on Gun Control

In light of 2021's record violence, there is reason to think some on the left are rediscovering the importance of self-defense.
Cody J. Wisniewski January 20, 2022

Joe Biden Clings to a Bad Trump Policy

Sanctioning Venezuela and propping up Guaido has only punished the Venezuelan people and strengthened the socialist regime.
Doug Bandow January 20, 2022

Voting Rights and Wrongs

Your humble columnist has not always had his registration or identification in voting order.
Matthew Walther January 20, 2022

Hungary’s Fractured Opposition

Viktor Orbán's political opponents are deeply divided.

Working With Biden on Build Back Better

Salvageable parts of Biden’s program should be enacted as free-standing bills.
George Liebmann January 19, 2022

Astrology and the Search for Meaning

The next generations will abandon astrology only if we can give them something better to believe in.
Bradford Tuckfield January 19, 2022

How Russia Went Wrong

The inside story of the Yeltsin years as told by the officials who lived through them.
Dimitri A. Simes January 19, 2022

Éric Zemmour and the Algerian Question

The right-wing French presidential candidate is more than just nostalgic for France’s 132-year presence in Algeria.
Jorge González-Gallarza January 19, 2022

The Software of Civilization

Éric Zemmour wants French students to learn Latin and Greek. We should want that for America, too.
Micah Meadowcroft January 19, 2022

Prosecutors Won’t Charge Cuomo in Nursing Home Scandal

You have to wonder whether allegedly groping a staffer really should have been the offense to drive Andrew Cuomo from public life.
John Hirschauer January 18, 2022

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