Lawyers Cause Homelessness

The Boise case proves that pro bono litigation is not always “for the public good.”
Mark Pulliam May 18, 2022


Rod Dreher

Tucker Carlson Not Surrendering

Host on liberal hypocrisy: you can notice racial policies to weaken white vote, but only if you celebrate them
Rod Dreher May 18, 2022

State of the Union

Rand Paul Does Not Consent

Paul was the only senator who objected to passing a bipartisan $40 billion aid package for Ukraine through unanimous consent.
Bradley Devlin May 18, 2022


Keep Finland And Sweden Out of NATO

The last thing America needs is more security dependents in Europe.
Bradley Devlin May 17, 2022

Bitcoin and the Rule of the Material

Whether as quietist retreat or gnostic withdrawal, the political allure of cryptocurrencies doesn't seem to stand up to the hard forces of reality.
Sohrab Ahmari May 17, 2022

Don’t Doubt the Trans Dogma

A recent town hall on transgender healthcare showed activist doctors' religious belief in the current trans dogma.
John D. Sailer May 17, 2022

Our Leaders Must Enforce the Law

Progressive prosecutors are leading their cities and states into unconstitutional waters.
Kevin Frazier May 17, 2022

The Global Fertilizer Crisis

There's a chance things get much worse for America's farmers before they get better.
John Hirschauer May 17, 2022

Covid Failure

What we did didn't work. Let's learn from that.
Peter Van Buren May 16, 2022

A Fury of Life

Remembering Midge Decter (1927-2022) and a more conservative neoconservatism.
Matthew Schmitz May 16, 2022

The Comeback of Rand Paul

Asking basic questions about the $40 billion blank check to the Ukrainians is just one of several savvy moves by the Kentucky senator on the political rebound.
Curt Mills May 16, 2022

Multiculturalism Is Anti-Culture

Multiculturalism cannot be understood simply as a “different kind of culture.”
Adam Ellwanger May 16, 2022

Nationally Reviewing Realism

At a National Review Institute conference last week, neoconservatives tried to rebrand as the true realists. They didn't quite pull it off.
Declan Leary May 14, 2022

Hillsdale Takes on Biden’s DOE

The Biden administration's new rule would give public schools a veto over charter school applications, but Hillsdale is not giving up.
Carmel Richardson May 14, 2022

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