Daniel larison

The Intense Backlash to Firing Crozier

Crozier's punishment sends a chilling message to other officers that they shouldn't rock the boat even when lives are on the line.
Daniel Larison April 2, 2020


The Afghan Air Force Gets More Money Than Infectious Disease Prevention

The coronavirus has exposed an awful crisis of priorities: we fund overseas wars before domestic health.
Daniel R. DePetris April 2, 2020

Yemen is Shattered and the U.S. Helped the Saudis Break It

Even with a cease-fire on the horizon it may never recover, thanks to the stupefying Western support for the Kingdom.
Doug Bandow April 2, 2020

The Founders’ Moral Mind Was Revolutionary, and Free

A new history sees the authors of the Declaration as moral agents, and sets out to capture the thinking behind the principles.
Bradley J. Birzer April 2, 2020

A New Viral Infection: Leaders Seizing Power, Police Bullying Citizens

In Europe especially, security crackdowns and surveillance are being taken to new levels in the name of public health.
Bill Wirtz April 2, 2020

The World Health Organization is Out of Control 

Rather leading during crisis, it's parroting Chinese government talking points and presenting unusable data.
Ross Marchand April 1, 2020

Don’t Play Identity Politics With Veterans

Some have suggested certain Americans aren't qualified to tell the stories of our Middle East wars. Nonsense.
James Jeffrey April 1, 2020

Is Hungary’s Orbán Using the Pandemic to Impose Dictatorial Rule?

His new authoritarian policies are worrying those who had up to now defended his conservative-nationalist approach.
Will Collins April 1, 2020

Trump Versus Biden? Maybe. Trump Versus the Media? Absolutely

The press has its lowest ratings in a crisis ever---and they walked right into it.
James Pinkerton April 1, 2020

In a Crisis, Humanism Trumps First Principles Every Time

During times of mass death, lofty ideals always give way to the basic impulse to save lives. That's what we're wired to do.
Matt Purple April 1, 2020

The Real Presidential Campaign: Trump Versus the Coronavirus

In order for Biden to have a shot, Trump will have to come up short on the pandemic.
Patrick Buchanan March 31, 2020

A History of Sprawl in One Road Trip

On the Virginia stretch of U.S. 50, driving away from the city is like going back in time.
Addison Del Mastro March 31, 2020

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