A Socialist New York Staggers Toward Default

As businesses and the wealthy flee Gotham, the progressives' infantile fiscal solutions are driving the city right back to 1975.
Christopher Whalen August 11, 2020


Rod Dreher

Kamala: Woke Capitalism’s Dream Pick

Super-leftie on social issues, and no threat to Wall Street
Rod Dreher August 11, 2020

Prufrock: Books, Arts, & Ideas

Death in Longfellow

Nicholas A. Basbanes writes about how Longfellow dealt with the passing of his daughter and his wife
Micah Mattix August 10, 2020

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The Real World Reasserts Itself

Marxists and the radical Left welcome the failure of Liberal run cities.
Patrick Buchanan August 11, 2020

What Will It Be Like With No U.S-Russia Nuke Limits?

The end of the New Start Treaty approaches, and will leave the two countries to their own devices for the first time since 1969.
Jason C. Ditz August 11, 2020

Churchill’s Annus Mirabilis

One can overrate speeches but there is little doubt he captured the mood of the British public in his great addresses of 1940.
John Rossi August 10, 2020

Brent Scowcroft RIP: He Risked A Friend To Reject the Iraq War

While he had a mixed record himself, he knew that George W. Bush's decision to invade Iraq in 2002 would prove a disaster.
Robert W. Merry August 10, 2020

Neoconservative Wolves Dressed in Never-Trumper Clothing

They're sniffing around Joe Biden's foreign policy circle, bent on influencing his China policy—and more.
Kelley Beaucar Vlahos August 10, 2020

Trump Wants Troops Home But Not Out of South Korea—Yet

Despite reports there is no plan to immediately withdraw military from the peninsula. But stay tuned.
Harry J. Kazianis August 10, 2020

Even the Germans Are Coronavirus Protesters Now

We all will be eventually. Governments can't try to take back freedoms they've only just restored.
Bill Wirtz August 10, 2020

All About the Chips: Taiwan is Next Battleground for Trade Fight

Vital tech production could put the island back at the center of intensifying Sino-American relations.
Marshall Auerback August 8, 2020

Conservatism is Stewardship, Preserving Our Collective Inheritance

As a nation and part of the human family, we should protect our environment, traditions, think local, and not go out in search of monsters to destroy.
Andrew J. Bacevich August 8, 2020

The Right Needs Their Own Boycott: Social Media

Liberals have been winning the culture war due to their economic pressure on corporations. Why can't we?
Michael Warren Davis August 8, 2020

Without Traditional Faith, Spiritual Humans Go to Strange Places

Americans are turning to highly personalized, unorthodox religion to get fulfillment.
Daniel Wiser Jr. August 8, 2020

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