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5 Questions the Media Won’t Ask Biden in the Debate

Corruption? Tax fudging? Hypocrisy over military service? Inquiring minds want to know.

I Went Looking for Trouble in Berlin

Only to find that the real high crime rates, ethnic tensions, and financial insecurity were right in my own backyard.

Think Trump is Hitler? Go to Dachau

You won’t find any shallow hashtags at the former concentration camp, just quiet, powerful reality.

When ‘Homeland’ Becomes a Politically Fraught Word

The issue of integration is keenly felt in this former East Berlin neighborhood, which four years ago bore the brunt of a million immigrants.

How Asylum is Abused Every Day

Economic migrants use it as an easy means into the country, but Trump has options.

How Democrats Are Shorting White Voters for 2020

A race-based strategy will fail hard because what progressives call “privilege” is mostly about status-wealth, which most of us don’t have.

With Mueller Time a Flop, Dems Run to Plans B and C

The mission to delegitimize Trump has failed, so hope is that Biden or a parade of far-left ‘fresh faces’ will do the trick.

How We Ended Up With Kids in Cages

Hysteria won’t solve anything. We’ve created a politicized immigration system and we need to fix it.

Slavery Reparations Won’t Change the Past. What About the Future?

Ta-Nehisi Coates says a dollar amount can be put on the sins of our ‘collective biography,’ but what it actually pays for we don’t know.

Shame on the Left’s Self-Righteous Bullies

From Kavanaugh to Kashuv, the haters are always looking for another surrogate for their Trump hatred.

When Censorship Moves Way Beyond Alex Jones

Everyone right of center is now at risk of progressive de-platforming. Breaking up the social media monopolies may be the only solution.

Warrior-Mayor Pete’s Sanctimonious Chest Thumping

If he wants to trash Trump for skipping Vietnam, then maybe his own war record should be opened to scrutiny.

Justin Amash is Wrong: Impeachment Would Damage Our Democracy

This lone Republican is going to have a hard time convincing anyone but Democrats there’s a case.

Op-Ed-O-Matic: Write Doomsday Screeds Like the Pros

As long as haters believe Trump is bringing about the End Times you too can make a buck writing about it.

Identity Politics Overshadow Democrats’ New Deal DNA

Before tribalism and Trump take the fore, 2020 hopefuls might consider how the WPA brought the nation together.

15 Questions Robert Mueller Must Answer

Why the cryptic wording on the Steele Dossier? Why wasn’t Trump given an opportunity to defend himself in court?

Mueller Time is Finally Over

Despite some muddled dissent, the special counsel said clearly that Trump never committed a chargeable crime.

Do Democrats Even Care About the Purple States?

If they want to win in 2020, they need to pay more attention to real life and less to the social media echo chamber.

Iraq Wrecked Me for Nothing

Most everything that happened in Iraq and Afghanistan has gone un-investigated, unheard of, or unpunished. Ancient History.

How Rachel Maddow Turned Into Infowars

She’s still spinning Russiagate conspiracy tales, even as her ratings come crashing down.

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