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Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury, Would You Impeach?

The Senate won't oust Trump but independents can vote him out. Yet even here the Democrats are failing.
Peter Van Buren December 5, 2019

Marie Yovanovitch, the Poster Child of #FSProud

Marie Yovanovitch's testimony read like an HR complaint from hell and obscured the serious problems at the State Department.
Peter Van Buren November 21, 2019

We Need to Hear from the Whistleblower Now

No more games: How he came to be at ground zero will tell us whether this is a legitimate impeachment or political assassination.
Peter Van Buren November 16, 2019

Elizabeth Warren’s Health Care Plan is Pure Fuzzy Math

She hopes we won't notice that her plan is an attempt to redistribute money on a scale never before seen in America.
Peter Van Buren November 13, 2019

A Note to Progressives: Tell Me How This Ends

The fun house ride of daily shocks and anti-Trump outrages is conditioning us to shut up, don't think, simply react.
Peter Van Buren November 7, 2019

Pelosi is Blowing Smoke, But Where’s the Fire?

Despite a parade of angry civil servants and political appointees, she still doesn't have a crime.
Peter Van Buren October 31, 2019

Finding a Vaccine for the Impeachment Derangement Virus

Can any of the Democratic candidates pull America back from this madness?
Peter Van Buren October 14, 2019

A Weak Whistleblower, a Ridiculous Impeachment

This isn't about the law; it's about circumventing another vote by the deplorables in 2020.
Peter Van Buren October 2, 2019