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The Democrats Need a Brutal Primary to Beat Trump

No more favoritism, no more rigging. They can only win by weeding out the weak.

Mattis Marks End of the Global War on Terror

He is an artifact of a failed war policy and his departure was a long time coming.

The Top 10 Hottest (Political) Gifts for 2018

From Grow Your Own Putin to the speak-to-me Millennial doll, there is something to fill every need in this polarized, cracked-up year.

Springsteen’s Broadway Redemption is Not What You Think

The show is ‘as necessary as a last hospital visit with an old friend.’

Mueller’s Investigation is Missing One Thing: A Crime

If he had something on Trump, we would have been watching impeachment hearings by now.

You Don’t Have to Love Assange to Fear His Prosecution

It turns out the DOJ is going after the Wikileaks founder. The press should be very afraid.

There Will Be No Blue Wave

Contra the conventional wisdom, Democrats are far from having 2018 locked up.

Google Wants to Be Your Media Mommy

The company suggest it may have to protect us from the bad things that elected Trump and speech that makes us feel unsafe.

Democrats Die Again on the Wrong Hill

There seems to be no strategy other than Trump rage, and despite going nuclear on a man’s life, they just can’t win.

Kavanaugh Meets the Senate Star Chamber

The goal wasn’t to show the nominee was unqualified as a jurist, but that he was unqualified as a human being.

What Ohio’s ‘Deplorables’ Really Want

In an unscientific survey of flyover country, our correspondent learned why voters are so willing to forgive Trump.

There is No Patriot or Spartacus Here—Just Politics

There are ways for officials to honorably dissent, like blowing a whistle, resigning, or penning a protest with your actual name on it.

Watching Mainstream Cable News From a Hospital Bed

I learned that the president was on life support, and that we were always at war with Eurasia.

Why John Brennan Doesn’t Deserve a Security Clearance

After leaking for a while, most boils dry up and go away. Not this one.

I Was Banned for Life From Twitter

I became persona non grata after a heated exchange over the media’s complicity with the government. The mob won.

Donald Trump is Not the ‘Manchurian Candidate’

But the establishment blob is looking a lot like the new McCarthyism.

John Brennan, Melting Down and Covering Up

He accuses Trump of treason. But what’s his bluster really about?

Why I Stand With Julian Assange

America’s least favorite whistleblower nonetheless did us a great service—and the U.S. case against him could be chilling.

The Diplomacy 101 Lessons That Washington Forgot

Negotiating is tough, it takes a long time, and sometimes you bow to unsavory people.

Real Takeaway: The FBI Influenced the Election of a President

The good news is the Deep State seems less competent than we originally feared.

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