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Scott McConnell is a founding editor of TAC

Macron Puts Immigration Controls on the Table

Under pressure from protesters and with his presidency hanging in the balance, France’s leader considers the unthinkable.

The Immigrants Challenging Europe’s Code of Silence on Islam

They have been liberated by their ethnic backgrounds to speak more candidly than the vast majority of their countrymen.

What The Weekly Standard Has Wrought

Its shuttering is a loss. But the awful costs of the foreign policy it advocated shouldn’t be forgotten.

France’s Yellow Vests Take a Left Turn

The anti-tax protesters are being replaced by something closer to Antifa. What ultimately will emerge from all this?

Neoliberals Come Around on Immigration

Hillary Clinton’s and John Kerry’s comments about Europe suggest they’re finally waking up.

The Bright Yellow Line Over Globalization in France

Mass protests pit the French working class against the left-wing elites who forgot them.

Macron—Not the Nationalists—is Stuck in the 1930s

It’s in Europe’s elite that we find the spirit of appeasement that once enabled fascists and communists.

The Coming Battle for European Civilization

The immigration crisis has pitted Europeans against their elites, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Angela Merkel Migrates Into Retirement

Her refugee blunder changed the European continent in irreversible ways for decades to come.

James Antle is New Editor of The American Conservative

He’s been a consistent voice for limited government, liberty, and thoughtful conservatism since 2003.

Why Not a Merit-Based Immigration System?

Reihan Salam’s latest book makes the case for an overhaul along Trumpian lines.

TAC at 15: Still Fighting After All These Years

One of our founders on how GOP-led regime change across Middle East birthed this influential conservative ‘countercultural’ magazine.

The Enoch Powell Question

As America divides and controversy over mass immigration mounts, did his “Rivers of Blood” speech get it right?

What Trump Got Right About Charlottesville

Was the apoplectic media watching the same press conference?

The Sly Effort to Criminalize the BDS Movement in the U.S.

Boycott support would dry up if Israel embraced a two-state solution

France After Le Pen’s Thumping

France does need a successful patriotic right in order to survive, and the forces to create one do exist.

Le Pen Lands Blows in Final Debate, but No Knockout

Macron seems genuinely to not have a nationalist bone in his body.

Marine Le Pen Tries to Shake Off the Burden of Her Father

The circumstance that gave her a media platform and an instant political base is now a weight around her ankles.

Macron Haunted by the ‘Ni, Ni’

Will pro-communist voters rush out and give a large landslide to a former Rothschild investment banker?

Le Pen Wins Day Two, and Day Three As Well

If you just came in from a foreign country and looked at the news, you might think she could beat Macron.

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