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Trump’s Opportunity—or Peril—in Venezuela

For the first time, he’s setting a bold, well-coordinated foreign policy course. He just can’t let the neocons take the wheel.

Secretary of Defense Jim Webb?

The Democrat and scourge of foreign wars is drawing praise from many Trump supporters.

Ratification or Ruination: Election Night for Trump

The president is on trial, but so is the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. Who will emerge on top?

Mr. Putin Goes to Washington?

Trump will meet with the Russian president and hopefully address our biggest geopolitical challenge: China.

The Coup Against Trump

One of his advisors tells TAC a plot is afoot. How far will the president go to ensure his political survival?

‘Far From the Endgame’ on Donald Trump’s NAFTA Overhaul

In Trump’s White House, the policy has lagged behind the politics, including on trade.

An Uber-Hawk Flies High Again in Trump’s Washington

Professional Islamophobe to some, truthsayer to others, Frank Gaffney’s found a new perch among the old gang.

Brett Kavanaugh: A Win for Immigration Hawks, A Dilemma for Civil Libertarians

Trump’s nominee likely has the Senate votes, but his ties to the Bush White House raise concerns.

Brett Kavanaugh: Trump’s Double Down SCOTUS Pick

And a favorite of conservatives gunning for an immigration fight with the Left.

Does Mark Warner See the ‘Deep State’ As His Ticket Out of the Senate?

The ambitious Virginia senator’s vote for Haspel and his unflinching support of the intelligence community is no accident.

Corey Lewandowski: The Chief of Staff Trump Wants

Believe it or not, there are growing signals that the fired campaign manager may be about to replace John Kelly.

A Push for President Pompeo?

The ambitious Republican faces Secretary of State confirmation hearings Thursday, but some say he may be positioning for more.