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The WWE Legend Who Wrestles the Woke Left

Jim Cornette was once as liberal as they come, but as his side becomes more illiberal, that's no longer enough.
Jack Hunter September 24, 2019

Rand Paul: Trump’s Antiwar Counterweight

The president called off airstrikes against Iran, and we have the Kentucky senator and Tucker Carlson to thank.
Jack Hunter June 26, 2019

When Pat Buchanan Brought Johnny Cash to the Nixon White House

It didn't go exactly as planned. But for TAC's founder, this is where his populist antiwar movement may have begun.
Jack Hunter May 24, 2019

Conservatives Continue to Clash Over Trump Emergency Edict

Authoritarians versus libertarians at a level not seen since the Patriot Act and warrantless surveillance.
Jack Hunter March 21, 2019

Will Democrats Go Full Hawk?

A lot will depend on the primary and how much they let Trump derangement affect their principles.
Jack Hunter March 14, 2019

Hawkish Democrats, Anti-War Republicans? Thank Trump

I used to worry that a president Hillary Clinton would make Dems more militaristic. It turns out Donald did the trick.
Jack Hunter January 20, 2019

Status Quo Seekers Fear This Senator is Advising Trump

While the Blob freaks out, reports suggest Rand Paul is helping the president keep his campaign promises on war.
Jack Hunter January 2, 2019

How Bill Kristol Closed the Conservative Mind

He established himself as the GOP's hawkish gatekeeper and waged war on the antiwar right.
Jack Hunter December 18, 2018