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‘Fort Trump’ in Poland: Why These Colors Won’t Fly

This could be the president’s boldest foreign policy contradiction yet.

Trump Can Turn America’s Defense Welfare Into a Profit Center

He’s right to say other nations should start paying for our military protection.

What Happened When We Kept Out of the India-Pakistan Fracas?

Nothing. That should teach us most of the world’s crises are none of Washington’s business.

When Withdrawing Troops is Worse Than Nuclear War

The Blob thinks removing our soldiers from Korea would be a catastrophe. But why?

Trump Treats Iraq Like a Conquered Province

He recognizes the folly of staying in Syria and Afghanistan forever. So why is Baghdad the exception?

Where ‘Religious Freedom’ Means Avoiding a Bloodbath

From Africa to India, persecution of the faithful is becoming common and our wars have only made it worse.

Ignore the Free-Riding International Peanut Gallery

Foreigners nudging America into their wars have brought us only debt and misery.

Venezuela Presents an Opportunity for Peace With Russia

It’s time for Trump to ignore the critics, sit down with Putin, and talk turkey.

Today’s NATO Mission is to Preserve Itself

The alliance is scrambling for purpose in a changed world. Trump is right to consider leaving.

A Century Later, the Versailles Treaty Still Haunts Our World

It was supposed to end World War I and usher in a new era of peace. Instead it nearly broke the West.

Mitt Romney, Commander of the Fake Internationalists

Newly-inaugurated Senator has been promoted to standard-bearer for the bipartisan War Party, filling in for John McCain.

Afghanistan, the Longest War in American History

The issue is not how much we invested and wasted in 17 years, but whether spending more in the future can be justified.

After Syria, Trump Should Clean Out His National Security Bureaucracy

They’re undermining his positions and pursuing their own agendas. John Bolton should be the first to go.

The European Union’s Great Crackup

A year ago, EU leaders like Emmanuel Macron were riding high. Today, not so much.

The Fateful Arrest That Could Poison America’s Relationship With China

By busting Meng Wanzhou, Trump is signaling that he expects to dictate to every nation, no matter how powerful.

Congress: We Are Facing a National Security Crisis!

So give the military more money.

Does It Really Matter If North Korea Denuclearizes?

Either way it isn’t America’s problem. Our goal should be to bring the troops home.

Why “America First” Needs a European Union Military

Emmanuel Macron’s suggestion is actually a good one, even if it wasn’t made for all the right reasons.

Progressive Democrats Changing the Politics of Israel in America

In defending the Palestinians, candidates like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez are grabbing the third rail.

Donald Trump’s Hypocrisy on Taiwan

Rather than bashing smaller nations for recognizing the PRC, as we do, we should carefully assess our interests in East Asia.

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