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Time to Extricate From Ukraine

Kiev has become a drag on Trump, but if we don’t watch out, it could turn into a geopolitical threat to everyone.

America Doesn’t Belong in Syria

The war hawks will whine but we’ve been there long enough and must honor our commitments to Turkey.

China’s Anniversary Whitewashes the Terror of Mao

Though the communist nation has come a long way, Xi Jinping is threatening to bring back the horror of that era.

George Washington Warned Us About Saudi Arabia

It’s haunting how accurately our first president predicted our “foreign entanglements” with Riyadh.

The West Fails to Social Engineer South Sudan

The country is in deep crisis and those in Washington who made it a “project” haven’t done much good.

Trump Bows to Reality, Stands Down on Venezuela

Despite Washington’s scheming, sanctioning, and backyard bluster, Maduro remains in power.

South Korea and Japan: A Mutual Loathing the U.S. Can’t Fix

There is too much history here. Maybe it’s time for their longtime benefactor to step away.

Afghanistan: Putting Irrational Hope Before Depressing Experience

As Trump talks again about pulling out, the Blob’s justifications for staying sound hollower than ever.

Forget Annexing Greenland, Start Breaking Up America

Our nation’s problems are caused not by a lack of territory but increasingly disjointed cultural identities. There’s only one solution.

Saving China’s Uighurs: Can Washington Do the Impossible?

Unfortunately America’s desire to redress injustice far outstrips our ability to do so.

Mandatory National Service: A Bad Idea That Won’t Die

Sorry Pete Buttigieg, but government conscription is unconstitutional and poorly thought through.

Time for Ukraine—and America—to Make a Deal With Russia

Could comedian-turned-President Volodymyr Zelensky be the man who finally brings peace?

Time to Kick the Islamizing Turkey Out of NATO

It is unlikely that the alliance, despite being so eager for new members, would invite Turkey to join today.

It’s Not Too Late for Trump to Ignore Bolton and Get Iran Right

After seven decades of failed Washington policy, he has a chance to up the ante. But will he?

Going Around Trump and Xi to Save U.S.-China Relations

Individual Chinese are eager to learn and much more open to America than you’d think.

Blame America Too for Our Ruptured Relations With the Chinese

Xi came in and changed the game. But some of the fault still falls on us.

No One Believes the President’s War Claims Anymore

Thanks to Iraq, people remained deeply skeptical of Trump’s march to war with Iran—and a good thing too.

Washington Has Become an Accomplice to Murder

Trump needs to reverse priorities and stand up to the heinous Gulf monarchies that’ve dragged us into Yemen.

End America’s Illegal Occupation of Syria Now

Our presence there is a violation of domestic and international law that’s made a horrible civil war even worse.

The Latest Balkans Breakdown is None of Washington’s Business

Geopolitical meddling has failed in that part of the world before. Why should we try again?

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