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A Century Later, the Versailles Treaty Still Haunts Our World

It was supposed to end World War I and usher in a new era of peace. Instead it nearly broke the West.

Mitt Romney, Commander of the Fake Internationalists

Newly-inaugurated Senator has been promoted to standard-bearer for the bipartisan War Party, filling in for John McCain.

Afghanistan, the Longest War in American History

The issue is not how much we invested and wasted in 17 years, but whether spending more in the future can be justified.

After Syria, Trump Should Clean Out His National Security Bureaucracy

They’re undermining his positions and pursuing their own agendas. John Bolton should be the first to go.

The European Union’s Great Crackup

A year ago, EU leaders like Emmanuel Macron were riding high. Today, not so much.

The Fateful Arrest That Could Poison America’s Relationship With China

By busting Meng Wanzhou, Trump is signaling that he expects to dictate to every nation, no matter how powerful.

Congress: We Are Facing a National Security Crisis!

So give the military more money.

Does It Really Matter If North Korea Denuclearizes?

Either way it isn’t America’s problem. Our goal should be to bring the troops home.

Why “America First” Needs a European Union Military

Emmanuel Macron’s suggestion is actually a good one, even if it wasn’t made for all the right reasons.

Progressive Democrats Changing the Politics of Israel in America

In defending the Palestinians, candidates like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez are grabbing the third rail.

Donald Trump’s Hypocrisy on Taiwan

Rather than bashing smaller nations for recognizing the PRC, as we do, we should carefully assess our interests in East Asia.

The Debt the World Owes Hungary

They led Europe’s liberation from communism. This month, the anniversary of their revolution, we would be wise to remember.

Making Sure the Next Cold War Never Happens

China and America seem destined to clash in the 21st century. But that doesn’t mean they have to.

America’s Disastrous Occupation of Afghanistan Turns 17

And the Taliban are in their strongest position in just that many years.

NATO Welcomes Another Military Midget

The State Department continues its role as Macedonia’s cheerleader, treating membership as a form of charity.

Let Americans Visit North Korea Now

Kim has expressed his desire for contact with Americans. The Trump administration should give it to him.

Washington’s Endless Sanctions Are Finally Backfiring

They’ve always been ineffective. What’s different now is that they’re threatening to undermine American strength.

Washington’s Influence in Syria is Nowhere to be Found

Yet we’re still there, threatening Assad as though we won the war.

John McCain Leaves Behind a Hawkish Void

The media-savvy senator has no heir apparent.

Why Do We Still Have War Booty From The Philippines?

Three church bells were pilfered during our horrible war there. But politicians and the military refuse to give them back.

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