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Washington’s Endless Sanctions Are Finally Backfiring

They’ve always been ineffective. What’s different now is that they’re threatening to undermine American strength.

Washington’s Influence in Syria is Nowhere to be Found

Yet we’re still there, threatening Assad as though we won the war.

John McCain Leaves Behind a Hawkish Void

The media-savvy senator has no heir apparent.

Why Do We Still Have War Booty From The Philippines?

Three church bells were pilfered during our horrible war there. But politicians and the military refuse to give them back.

Corporate Welfare Lives On and On

From farm subsidies to the Export-Import Bank, special interest feeding frenzies are still the norm throughout government.

The Madness of Military Intervention in Venezuela

Bomb, invade, occupy a country, and watch it flourish?

America’s Facebook Friend Allies

We seem obsessed with collecting them, even though they’re far more of a burden than any online acquaintance.

Why America’s Allies Should Develop Nuclear Weapons

Proliferation is a good thing if it means relieving some of America’s numerous security guarantees.

An Arab NATO Would Be Two NATOs Too Many

Doubling down on Washington’s manifestly failed Mideast strategy.

Trump’s Iran Regime Change Fantasies

His advisors apparently believe that reliable actors are waiting in the wings. Haven’t we heard that before?

America Doesn’t Need Another Weakling NATO Ally

Macedonia is the latest nation invited into the alliance, but how does that enhance America’s (or Europe’s) security?

No, Secretary Pompeo, America’s Strategy in Afghanistan is Not Working

The green-on-blue killing of an American soldier is just the latest indication that this war has failed.

Putin-Phobia, the Only Bipartisan Game in Town

Hawks and doves in Washington agree Vlad is bad. Can Trump act as the lone realist?

America the Hyperpowerful

We involve ourselves all over the world despite facing few security threats. What if it had turned out differently?

Angela Merkel, Teflon No Longer

Europe’s populist wave is still building—and it could claim the German chancellor next.

The Saudi-UAE Alliance is the Most Dangerous Force in the Middle East Today

The latest: they are bombing a port that accounts for 80 percent of the food and aid trickling into starving Yemen.

Poland Wants an American Garrison: Let Germany Do It!

Before taking office Trump seemed to understand that European free-riding was counterproductive. What about now?

Do These Guys Prefer War With North Korea?

John Bolton and Lindsey Graham are saber-rattling as though armed conflict is the only way.

Is It Time to Carve Turkey Out of NATO?

Erdogan’s increasingly authoritarian rule and divergent interests are proving a huge problem.

Don’t Downplay the Détente Between the Koreas

Cynics miss that there is real promise for peace on the Korean Peninsula.

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