Rod Dreher

Walker Percy Weekend 2020

Tickets just went on sale. Line-up includes Wendell Pierce, Paul Elie, John Shelton Reed
Rod Dreher February 17, 2020

Daniel larison

The Disgusting Cruelty of the Travel Ban

Even grieving families are forced to endure separation because of an arbitrary presidential decree.
Daniel Larison February 17, 2020


TAC Bookshelf: Nietzchean “Will to Power” Meets the Puritans

Here's what our writers and editors are reading this week.
TAC Staff February 17, 2020

As the Establishment Implodes, a Billionaire Emerges

But Bloomberg's mayoral baggage may cut short his flight path, particularly with minority voters.
Patrick Buchanan February 14, 2020

Apple Gives You The Tools To Ghost Your Valentine—and Your Life

Eerily reminiscent of the movie, corporations are now pitching the ability to 'erase' bad memories for eternal sunshine.
Titus Techera February 14, 2020

China’s Iron Fist is Turning the Coronavirus Into an Economic Disaster

Xi Jinping's massive insecurity complex has led to a crisis that's beginning to affect global markets, too.
Christopher Whalen February 14, 2020

The All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Keeps America Free

You might feel fat but you'll also feel human, something you can't say at more modern and rushed restaurants.
Addison Del Mastro February 14, 2020

Two Intellectual Giants Who Didn’t Kow-Tow to the Leftist Mob

In Memoriam: Gertrude Himmelfarb and Roger Scruton
James Stevens Curl February 14, 2020

Want to End Our Endless Wars? Remember the Peace of Westphalia

It's time to place sovereignty back at the center of diplomacy and stop trying to inflict our values on the world.
Christopher Mott February 13, 2020

Jordan Peterson Deserves Love, Not Spite, in Time of Darkness

The '12 Rules' author finds out the hard way how little mercy exists among the bleeding-heart Left.
Michael Warren Davis February 13, 2020

Can Bernie Sanders Break the Stevenson-McGovern Curse?

Everyone knows that when the Democratic party loses the White House, the grassroots ascend--and it doesn't always end well.
James Pinkerton February 13, 2020

Why Germany Should Invite Its Nationalists Into Government

Shutting out the AfD, as the mainstream parties are trying to do, will only make it more extreme.
Doug Bandow February 13, 2020

Tick Tock: Iraqi Leader Still Under Pressure to Boot U.S. Forces

Will the Trump administration seize this opportunity to bring our troops home?
Barbara Boland February 13, 2020

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