Meet the Russian Oligarch Who Helped Drive Russiagate

Elites charge Trump with being under the sway of those in Moscow, but they're guilty of the exact same thing.
Mark Episkopos September 26, 2020


Rod Dreher

Jesus Statue Desecrated

Statue of Christ outside Baton Rouge Catholic cathedral slimed
Rod Dreher September 25, 2020

State of the Union

Podcast: After RBG, with Ambassador C. Boyden Gray

In this week’s episode, former White House counsel and Ambassador to the European Union C. Boyden Gray joins Right…
Jordan Bloom September 25, 2020

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What We Build Is More Important Than What We Save

Historic preservation is useful and important, but it implicitly assumes that we cannot equal our best historic architecture today.
Catesby Leigh September 25, 2020

Ari Aster’s Moral Horror

America's most intelligent young filmmaker is obsessed with the collapse of fatherhood and the return of paganism.
Sohrab Ahmari September 25, 2020

Erdogan Channels Ottomans to Announce Imperial Dreams

The Turkish autocrat proudly uses his nation's violent history to hint at dangerous ambitions for the future.
Uzay Bulut September 25, 2020

Covid Kills Commuterland

With home-based work taking hold again, this pandemic may mean the end of office life forever. Good riddance.
Michael Warren Davis September 25, 2020

A Mencken for Catholics

This conservative scholar's latest book confirms his status as a humorous, incisive critic of contemporary culture.
Casey Chalk September 24, 2020

A Time to Fight

Trump should nominate Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court. Save the worries over norms and procedures for another time.
Matt Purple September 24, 2020

Bob Woodward: Stenographer of the Washington Establishment

The Watergate journalist uncritically embraces self-serving narratives spun by an astonishing array of swamp creatures and ex-officials.
Barbara Boland September 24, 2020

Those Who Destroyed Yemen Must Be Prosecuted for War Crimes

That includes prominent American officials. Punishing the perpetrators is the only way to restore our credibility.
Doug Bandow September 24, 2020

How Meritocracy Failed Our Kids

Fredrik deBoer's criticisms of America's counterproductive education system will be familiar to many on the right.
Clayton Trutor September 24, 2020

Inside Amy Coney Barrett’s Race to Lose

President Trump will make his latest SCOTUS selection Saturday.
Curt Mills September 23, 2020

Richard Hooker: A Forgotten Father of National Conservatism

At a time of tumult in England, he successfully defended a revolution against revolutionaries.
Brad Littlejohn September 23, 2020

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