Immigration, Yes—and No

A trimmer’s case against open borders and closed minds

Cannabis Goes Corporate

As marijuana moves from the shadows to the marketplace, regulators fear another Big Tobacco.

A Turning Point on Crony Capitalism?

Sen. Mike Lee and others in the GOP confront the Export-Import bank—and corporate welfare.

John Wayne’s Lost Legacy

Hollywood’s icon of masculinity acted like he lived: plainly and honestly.

Obama’s Circle of Bad Advice

Activist experts make bad ambassadors, especially when diplomacy is most needed.

How Dante Saved My Life

A midlife crisis is cured by The Divine Comedy

Ted Cruz and America’s “Nakba”

Avenging the the Iran hostage crisis is the latest excuse for sabotaging negotiations.

The Case for “Serfdom,” Rightly Understood

Conservatives only empower the state when they make an idol of liberty.

Left, Right, and Leo Strauss

He was a liberal democrat—not a conservative or fascist—a new book argues.

The Christian Man in Black

Johnny Cash’s life is a story of redemption.

The War on Antiwar Republicans

Hawks have Reps. Walter Jones and Justin Amash on their hit list—and Sen. Rand Paul will be next.

Reagan’s Philosophical Fusionism

Conservatism’s political power is derived from its ideas, not the other way around.

Pope Francis Needs Distributism

Americans and popes alike can embrace a humane alternative to modern capitalism.

The Repository

What is The Repository?

Very Kingsley Amis

Introducing video to The Repository.


Return of the Kingsley

America gets reintroduced to the original Amis.