Cops With War Toys

Militarizing police is the worst way to fight crime.

The Man Who Ate Liberty Valance

A creepy, haunting cannibal Western, “Ravenous” explores of the temptations of power.

Against the Anthology

If you want to see what ails English departments, look no further than one of its most popular textbooks.

Why Does Beauty Matter?

The beautiful will save us, but it must capture us to do so.

7 Ways to Make 2014 Less Like 1914

East Asia’s potential for war can be reduced by finally learning the lessons of the last century.

Putin’s Right Flank

The recently relieved Igor Strelkov represents an ultra-conservative challenge to Russia’s president.

How Washington Enabled ISIS

The post-9/11 al-Qaeda obsession ignored Saudi and Pakistani support for Sunni terror.

Ferguson and the Troubled Spirit of St. Louis

A resident reports on the problems plaguing his city, its suburbs, and the nation.

Why Conservatives Should Reform Philanthropy

Human-scale civil society has been abandoned to big foundations and bad ideas.

Israel’s Information Ops

When Tel Aviv goes to war, universities and activists are organized to beat back the bad news.

Resilience & Restraint

From Ferguson to Fallujah, U.S. authorities mistake arms for strength—and reap the consequences.

America’s Self-Inflicted Iraq Defeat

Remember how the hawks sold the war in 2003—and why Dick Cheney opposed going to Baghdad in ’91.

Horton Foote’s Farewell

A playwright’s last screenplay shows hope for American drama.

What Would Jeremiah Do?

Jewish history gives today’s Christians an alternative to cultural secession.

Seven Reasons Police Brutality Is Systemic, Not Anecdotal

Official misconduct doesn’t just come from “a few bad apples.”

The Repository

What is The Repository?

Very Kingsley Amis

Introducing video to The Repository.


Cobblestone Conservative

How Jane Jacobs saved New York City’s soul.