Rod Dreher

Senior Editor

Rod Dreher is a senior editor at The American Conservative. He has written and edited for the New York Post, The Dallas Morning News, National Review, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Washington Times, and the Baton Rouge Advocate. Rod’s commentary has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Commentary, the Weekly Standard, Beliefnet, and Real Simple, among other publications, and he has appeared on NPR, ABC News, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and the BBC. He lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with his wife Julie and their three children. He has also written four books, The Little Way of Ruthie Leming, Crunchy Cons, How Dante Can Save Your Life, and The Benedict Option.

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Race, Identity Politics, And Evangelicalism

Will racial politics be to conservative churches what sexual politics was to liberal ones?
Rod Dreher December 6, 2019

View From The Culture War Trenches

Could the mutual fear and loathing of Left and Right exceed their love or hatred of Trump?
Rod Dreher December 6, 2019

Seems Like Old Times

Star Democratic witness dusts off neocon rationales for Iraq War to justify US proxy war on Russia
Rod Dreher December 5, 2019

Dictatorship Of The Victimariat

The cowardly surrender of liberal leaders to the demands of cultural revolutionaries
Rod Dreher December 5, 2019

Impossible To Please — Or To Parody

Nut Night at the Olympia City Council says something about progressivism's pathologies
Rod Dreher December 4, 2019

Tucker Vs. Vulture Capitalists

An extraordinary attack on GOP megadonor Paul Singer, a billionaire who destroyed a Nebraska town to make some pocket change
Rod Dreher December 4, 2019

SJW Shock Troops Of Totalitarianism

Hannah Arendt on the capitulation of early 20th-century elites to 'social justice' mobs
Rod Dreher December 4, 2019

Amanda Marcotte’s Trigglypuff Christmas

On December 25, SJW scribe plans to immiserate herself to show Trump how bad he is
Rod Dreher December 3, 2019