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Dragging The Church Of England To Extinction

'Progressivism will hollow out your religion and wear its skin like a trophy'
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What's going on with a group of heroically woke Anglicans in London?:


Yeah, well, St. James Piccadilly is super-woke (has been since the 1980s) and super-gay. From the website:

Why would anybody who is serious about the Christian religion trivialize it like this? Who could possibly take this religion seriously? I know gay Christians who would find this kind of thing inappropriate at best, and blasphemous at worst. It's narcissistic as hell. There's nothing holy here at all. And drag queens in the church, performing? This is 100 percent a sign that these people aren't serious about the faith. A bunch of children. W.H. Auden was an Anglican, openly gay, and not chaste, yet it is impossible to imagine a man of his spiritual, artistic, and intellectual seriousness tolerating trivial blasphemy like this. It's Gay Clown Mass.

The only comfort is knowing that in a decade or two, this church building will be a condominium or a restaurant, and the few English Christians left who actually believe in the God of the Bible will be elsewhere, probably in the unfashionable suburbs, or ethnic neighborhoods.


The parish was designed and built by Sir Christopher Wren -- see history here -- and now look below: the lady rector is hosting an hourlong conversation with a drag queen named Fever Dream. This is what happens if you don't hold the line. The Archbishop of Canterbury is as silent about the abomination at that historic London parish as he is about the horrible abuse that Anglican priest the Rev. Bernard Randall has suffered at the hands of a C of E school for having the audacity to say that it's okay to hold traditional Christian views about homosexuality.

According to one data analyst, if current trends continue, the Church of England will cease to exist around 2060, as the last Anglicans die out. (Don't gloat, Catholics: just because your English parishes aren't hosting drag queens, your parishes are on the same downward trajectory timeline, according to the same analysis.) Who knew the apocalypse for English Christianity would be like a Monty Python skit?

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