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Hershey: Official Chocolate Bar Of Weimar

It never stops: Candy big chooses sassy tranny with silver booger as its face for International Women's Day
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(Gotdoggit, people, I'm about to start my last week on this TAC blog, and if you think I'm going to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy some Dreher Bait, you're WRONG! It's Ignatius-at-the-Prytania time!)

Do you think they will ever stop shoving this garbage down our throats? It's International WOMEN'S Day, not Tranny Day. Honestly, I will never understand why women put up with this erasure. Can you imagine black people standing for Rachel Dolezal being the face of black America?


I wish Hershey's Chocolate wasn't terrible, so it would be meaningful to swear off of it.

Moving on, many of us are old enough to remember when the whole thing started with the question, "How does my gay neighbors' marriage hurt me?" Well, here we are. You think people all around the world, where gay rights don't exist, or are only just getting on the agenda, aren't watching all this to see what has happened to the US and Europe?

And by the way, here's Andrew Sullivan saying it, not me (though obviously I agree):


Miss Lucinda B. Hind -- "Loose In The Behind" -- get it? In front of toddlers. What kind of sick freaks run a day care that invites perverts to perform?

I'm ready for laws against this stuff for kids. I'm ready for people to start going to jail for doing this, or permitting it. Just how far are we willing to let the sexual exploitation of our children by woke agitators go?

These are children.


Well, yeah, the evidence was there from the beginning, but I'm not going to complain that Andrew has come over to the right side now.

I don't know what kind of damage these "extremists and crazies" can possibly do to gay rights. What rights might gays lose? They and their allies are in charge of government, law, medicine, big business, everything. But what can happen is enough people get fed up with the idea that to be tolerant of gays, they have to accept this kind of filth and decadence, that they decide they don't want to tolerate any of it.

Over here in Hungary, where I live, people are watching this stuff happening in America, and let me tell you, it is making it much less likely that gays will ever get marriage rights here (they are permitted civil partnerships), much less gain the right to adopt children (which they do not have). You cannot imagine how this looks from abroad. It is shameful, and it's turning a lot of people who want to love and respect America into people who want to keep whatever sickness has overtaken America out of their countries.

The only European leader with the stones to stand up to this stuff over here is Viktor Orban, who has strong support from Hungarians. The other day, the NYT's Michelle Goldberg expressed upset with DeSantis for exercising Orban Renewal on Florida's politics. She wrote:

Many on the American right admire the way Orban uses the power of the state against cultural liberalism, but few are imitating him as faithfully as the Florida governor and likely Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis. Last week, one of DeSantis’s legislative allies filed House Bill 999, which would, as The Tampa Bay Times reported, turn many of DeSantis’s “wide-ranging ideas on higher education into law.” Even by DeSantis’s standards, it is a shocking piece of legislation that takes a sledgehammer to academic freedom. Jeremy Young, senior manager of free expression and education at PEN America, described it as “almost an apocalyptic bill for higher education,” one that is “orders of magnitude worse than anything we’ve seen, either in the recent or the distant past.”

Echoing Orban, House Bill 999 bars Florida’s public colleges and universities from offering gender studies majors or minors, as well as majors or minors in critical race theory or “intersectionality,” or in any subject that “engenders beliefs” in those concepts. The bill prohibits the promotion or support of any campus activities that “espouse diversity, equity and inclusion or critical race theory rhetoric.” 

The DEI and CRT people have finally sparked a backlash in Florida with their extremism. Good. It's coming too on trans, and maybe on LGBT in general, though clearly same-sex marriage is here to stay. You cannot go after people's children like this and expect everybody to keep smiling. There are plenty of idiot liberal parents who take their kids to see perverts like Miss Loose In The Behind grind and strut, but most people aren't like this. I think most liberal parents aren't even like this. We haven't had any major American politicians with the courage to ACT to defend the beliefs and interests of the silent majority, who are broadly tolerant, but sick of being told that if they don't endorse every pervy thing a tranny wants to do, they're nothing but haters. The big gay rights organizations are all down with this. They ought to cut the Ts loose. But they won't. So they're going to end up making lots of gays and lesbians who find this stuff gross as well pay a price for bundling in the crazies.

UPDATE: Yeah, I changed the title. I love crude humor, but maybe Mama will read this blog.