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Micah Mattix is the literary editor of The American Conservative and an associate professor of English at Regent University. Follow him on Twitter.

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The Meaning of Easy Rider, Camus’s Death, and a Massive Viking Ship

Happy Friday, everyone. First up: A new book claims that Albert Camus was killed by the KGB. “Sixty years…
Micah Mattix December 6, 2019

Lefty Lingo, the End of the Turner Prize, and the Gin Craze

The Turner Prize has been awarded to all four finalists. Why? Because the jury was hung? Because their work…
Micah Mattix December 5, 2019

Three-Parent IVF, Fire in Space, and a History of Religious Liberty in America

What is three-parent IVF, and is there a problem with it? Brendan Foht explains. A short history of religious…
Micah Mattix December 4, 2019

Evelyn Waugh’s Burnt Novel, Michelangelo’s Dome, and the Riddle of Consciousness

Evelyn Waugh sent his first attempt at a novel (called The Temple at Thatch) to Harold Acton. “Acton told…
Micah Mattix December 3, 2019

The Three-Century Latin Dictionary, Life as a Concert Pianist, and Molière as Author

As most of you know, Clive James died last week. He was 80 years old. Robert McCrum tries to…
Micah Mattix December 2, 2019

Walker Percy Ponders the Joy and Risk of Naming the World

In newly published material, the late author complains that linguists can explain lots of things about language--except meaning.
Micah Mattix December 2, 2019

Forgotten Mozart, Handel’s Money, and Dating the Shroud of Turin

The critic John Simon has died. He was 94. His wife announced his death on Facebook and encouraged readers…
Micah Mattix November 26, 2019

The Last Shakers, How Disneyland Was Built, and Flat-Earthers

Good morning. First up: Katherine Lucky visits the last Shakers in Sabbathday Lake, Maine: “In 1880, there were almost…
Micah Mattix November 25, 2019