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Micah Mattix manages and writes for Prufrock at The American Conservative and is an assistant professor of literature at Houston Baptist University. He writes regularly on poetry for The Wall Street Journal and on books and arts for The Weekly Standard, National Review, The New Criterion, The American Spectator, First Things, Books & Culture, and many other publications. Follow him on Twitter.

The Hum, in Defense of Prescriptivism, and Addiction in America

Also: Paul McCartney’s musical adaptation of It’s a Wonderful Life, and more.

Faith at NASA, the Yellow Jersey at 100, and a Defense of Houses

Also: The Scopes publicity stunt, and more.

Lost in the Cosmos, French Cuisine Today, and Leaving Academia

Also: The pyramid of Sneferu opens to the public, and more.

‘Don Juan’ at 200, Jane Austen’s Library, and the Myth of Blubber Town

Also: Trigger warnings don’t work.

Violent Buddhism, Bob Ross’s Missing Paintings, and Shakespeare’s Lost London Home

Also: The sounds of a seven-foot gong, and more.

Millennial Nuns, Philip Roth’s Stuff, and American Loyalists

Also: David Mamet remembers Ricky Jay, and more.

The German Disappearance, How to Do Nothing, and a History of Greece

Also: Matt Labash goes fishing, and more.

Reanimating the Brain, Baseball in Europe, and Destroying Public Art

Also: Why have there been so many home runs this season?

Edward Said’s Obfuscations, a Philosophy of Housework, and the First Transcontinental Motor Convoy

Also: The meaning of medieval beasts, and more.

Kipling in America, a Defense of Updike, and WWII’s Lost Art

Also: Documenting the blues, in praise of “Period Piece,” and more.

The Real Sweden, the Man with 32 Half Siblings, and a Woke Holiday Guide

Also: Anthony Madrid on ancient Greek epitaphs, and more.

Breakdancing at the Olympics, Remaking Notre Dame’s Clock, and Addicted to Beta Blockers

Also: Lillian Ross’s inventive hatred, and more.

Hating Renoir, the Western Canon Rightly Understood, and R.E.M.’s Early Years

Also: A clear-eyed book about teaching in the public school system, and more.

The Problem with Authenticity, Why American High School Students Don’t Learn Anything, and Hypersonic Missiles

Also: Joe Frazer gets his due, and more.

St. George Statue Unrestored, Milton’s Latin Verse, and Lincoln’s Bible

Also: Tintoretto’s influence on modern art, and more.

How to Kill More Deer, Foucault’s Late Libertarianism, and David Mamet on Women Writers

Also: Mass surveillance is coming to a city near you, and more.

Gene Wolfe’s Nouns, the Right Whale’s Song, and the New Poet Laureate of the United States

Also: On friendship, and more.

The Other Bonhoeffer, Unjust Affirmative Action, and Svetlana Alexievich’s Oral Histories

Also: Is Welsh becoming cool?

How the Alliance of American Football Failed, Malaysian’s Missing Flight, and the Pursuit of Happiness Rightly Understood

Also: Overrated Ivo van Hove, and more.

Landmarking the Strand, the Origins of Aladdin, and Actors Acting Badly

Also: Why do people play the lottery?

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