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Micah Mattix manages and writes for Prufrock at The American Conservative and is an assistant professor of literature at Houston Baptist University. He writes regularly on poetry for The Wall Street Journal and on books and arts for The Weekly Standard, National Review, The New Criterion, The American Spectator, First Things, Books & Culture, and many other publications. Follow him on Twitter.

Star Wars Memorabilia Theft, Maria Popova’s Vacuous Book, and Medieval Cats

Also: The truth about wasabi, scathing reviews of modern “classics,” and more.

Merwin’s Hawaii, Audubon’s Haiti, and John Tyndall’s Switzerland

Also: Nile shipwreck discovery proves Herodotus right, Henrik Ibsen today, and more.

Dickens’s Lost Portrait, How the Oracle at Delphi Was Found, and Remembering the Anti-Rent War

Also: Who pays over a million dollars for a Mona Lisa copy?

Harry Potterism in Fiction, Missing Egyptian Noses, and Justinian’s “Code”

Also: The undemocratic European Court of Human Rights, and more.

Lost Recording of T. S. Eliot, the Language of the Third Reich, and Misunderstood Texas

T. S. Eliot speaks: The 92nd Street Y has found a 1950 …

Britain’s Last Communist Historian, in Praise of Alex Trebek, and Harper Lee’s Drawings

Also: Social science in the service of ideology, democracy and poetry, and more.

A Defense of Instagram Poets, the Next Massively Popular Social Media App, and How Aldi Took Over the UK

Also: James Tate’s last poems, Mary Queen of Scots docs, and more.

Evil Classical Music, The Art of Hayao Miyazaki, and Prophets of Tyrannical Equality

Also: What theft takes, and more.

The Real Cyrano de Bergerac, Why Ruskin Matters, and Where Eagles Fly

Also: A Jewish guide to the Old Testament, and more.

Rick Pitino in Greece, the End of Recycling in America, and Democracy without Faith

Also: Losing a Picasso, in praise of Pierre Reverdy, and more.

The Illiberal Arts, the Frailty of Humanity, and a History of Angels

Also: The Frenchwoman who ran one of the Allies largest WWII spy networks, and more.

Overrated Hunter S. Thompson, a History of Opium, and Putting Science Back into Climate Science

Also: An argument against empathy in art, and more.

The Continual YA Fiction Twitter Mob, the Real Lives of Nannies, and Ivo Andrić’s Last Novel

Also: The most successful art thief, a new Booker sponsor, and more.

W. H. Auden Against No-Platforming, the Quiet Sorrow of Instagram, and the Market for Hitler’s Art

Also: Where Millennials go for jobs, the many lives of Sammy Davis Jr., and more.

A History of the Rectangle, Van Gogh’s Last Painting, and the Robert Penn Warren Option

Also: The danger of humanitarianism, how banking has changed, and more.

The Beauty of Invisibility, the Problem with Moral Outrage, and the NBA Ref Who Fixed His Games

Also: Two new editors at the NYRB, in praise of the Alliance of American Football, and more.

When Dickens Tried to Institutionalize His Wife, Traffic and Stonehenge, and a Defense of Federal Arts Funding

Also: Quadrant’s new literary editor, and more.

Our Strange DNA, Sir Walter Raleigh’s Last Poem, and How the Hammond Took Over America

Also: A short history of the color orange, Jane Austen memorial rejected, and more.

Cashing in on Wokeness, Anthony Burgess’s Obscure Novels, and the DNA of Old Books

Also: An interview with John Williams’s wife, and more.

Auden’s Political Poems, Shakespeare’s Songs, and Defining Dystopia

Also: The year of Bo Jackson, living with epilepsy, and more.

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