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Twerkin’ Tiara, Democratic Superstar

Rhode Island state senator gives us much to think about concerning who we shun, and who praise, in our society.

Powerful piece on Bari Weiss’s Substack today, from Prof. Joseph Manson, a UCLA anthropologist who has retired rather than gut it out in a department that has been overtaken by woke radicals. Excerpts:

Gradually, one hire at a time, practitioners of “critical” (i.e. leftist, postmodernist) anthropology, some of them lying about their beliefs during job interviews, came to comprise the department’s most influential clique. These militant faculty members recruited even more militant graduate students to work with them.

I can’t recount here even a representative sample of this faction’s penchant for mendacity and intimidation, because most of it occurred during confidential discussions, usually about hiring and promotion decisions. But I can describe their public torment and humiliation of one of my colleagues, P. Jeffrey Brantingham.

Jeff had developed simulation models of the geographic and temporal patterning of urban crime, and had created predictive software that he marketed to law enforcement agencies. In Spring 2018, the department’s Anthropology Graduate Students Association passed a resolution accusing Jeff’s research of, among other counter-revolutionary sins, “entrench[ing] and naturaliz[ing] the criminalization of Blackness in the United States” and calling for “referring” his research to UCLA’s Vice Chancellor for Research, presumably for some sort of investigation. This document contained no trace of scholarly argument, but instead resembled a religious proclamation of anathema.

As you won’t be surprised to hear, Jeff is not a racist, but a standard-issue liberal Democrat. The “referral” to the Vice-Chancellor never materialized, but the resolution and its aftermath achieved its real goal, which was to turn Jeff, who had been one of the most selfless citizens of the department, into a pariah. He taught—and still teaches—a course called “The Ecology of Crime,” which consistently drew more than 150 students and earned rave reviews. This course had a catalogue number that grouped it with sociocultural anthropology, and it fulfilled a sociocultural anthropology requirement for anthro majors.

In an act of petty spite, ritual moral purification, or both (take your pick), the woke faculty clique, which comprised a majority of the sociocultural anthro faculty, banned him from using—polluting?—any of their course numbers. (Jeff continued to offer the course, just under a different kind of number.)

Even though Jeff stopped attending faculty meetings, and in every other way accepted his punishment of permanent ostracism, his tormentors weren’t finished with him.


Read it all.  What this mob — with the full collaboration of the UCLA department’s leadership — did to Prof. Brantingham is unconscionable. If California were led by sane and responsible people, there would be legislative hearings into the collapse of professional standards in state universities. But of course that is not California. And I would imagine California is very far from alone in that. State legislatures around the country are going to have to take up the reform of universities, to return them to professional standards. The universities are going to scream bloody murder, but it’s the only way to save them from themselves.

This morning in Budapest I was talking to a Hungarian man who is very enthusiastic about America. When I began telling him about things like this (though I hadn’t read Manson’s essay yet), he just looked at me with incomprehension. How could this happen in America? Don’t you know that we lived with this kind of thing for forty years?! Why would anybody choose it?

I told him about my book Live Not By Lies, and how people like him are desperately trying to wake up Americans to the totalitarian takeover of our country. He said he would buy it. I find this kind of thing happens a lot in this part of the world: I meet people who really admire America, and who are shocked by the things happening in our country — and who, in turn, are amazed that they have something to offer to us, from their lived experience under communism. I had lunch yesterday with a young Hungarian Catholic who was surprised when I told her that to me, Hungary feels like America did in 1988, at the end of the Reagan era. It feels liberal, in the sense that you can do more or less what you like (for example, it’s not unusual to see gay couples walking hand in hand in downtown Budapest), but everything seems stable.

Today I took a taxi had to the immigration office in the northern part of town, to deal with my residency visa, and and decided to walk back to the nearest subway station. I had to walk through a tough part of town that I never, ever would have done in the US. I felt safe here, even though this country, overall, is poorer than the US. It has a cohesive culture, with standards still in place. This is changing, but I hope they can learn from our American experience what not to do. Believe me, from the position of Hungary, looking across the Atlantic to what gender theory and radical sexual liberalism has done to American life, people here are eager to do what it takes to keep that poison out.

About what Prof. Manson’s anthropology colleagues did to their fellow professor for having the nerve to point to politically inconvenient facts about crime, consider this news from Chicago:


There are no crowdsourced charity drives raising millions for victims’ families in Chicago, where the holiday weekend death toll reached at least 10 with 62 injured — numbers that exceed the toll in Monday’s mass shooting at a July Fourth parade in nearby Highland Park, Ill. In that affluent lakeside suburb, the violence was an anomaly. Here, it is a grimly regular occurrence.

“They have a lot of resources there in Highland Park,” said Bobbie Brown, 62, who watched the nationally televised law enforcement response and community outpouring from her home in the Englewood neighborhood, down the block from where the homicide near the playground happened Friday afternoon. “Ain’t that something? Our babies see people get shot while they’re at a playground, and there’s no counseling. They have to suck it up and deal with it.”

Granted, there’s a meaningful difference between a lunatic shooting up a parade, deliberately targeting innocents, and drug dealers and gangbangers shooting each other, with innocents as collateral damage. But really, if you’re dead, you’re dead, no matter what the motivation of the shooter. The academic Left perversely only cares about the issue for the sake of weaponizing it against Whiteness.


There aren’t ever going to be enough police to keep order in a society where people act like that. Bizarrely, we are now ruled in America by an elite — in academia, in media, in institutions, and even in government — that is working to prevent us all from noticing things like this.

Don’t expect the Democratic Party to fix it. Here’s one of their up-and-comers, Tiara Mack, an Ivy League graduate, queer black woman, and Rhode Island state senator:

I’m not the first one to say this, but is there any more apt symbol of the Democratic Party in the Year of Our Lord 2022 than a queer, BIPOC Ivy League graduate with her head in the sand and her fat butt jiggling in the air? I ask you. Tucker Carlson flagged that Sen. Mack put out a video calling people who criticized her for this racist:

If not Sen. Tiara, then maybe our old friend Sam Brinton, a cross-dressing nuclear scientist and kink fetishist helping run a department in the Biden Administration and being fabulous:

I remember ol’ Sammy when he was just a little pup:

Ah, but the National Pulse revealed this week that Brinton once publicly criticized as homophobic a police raid on an underage gay prostitution operation. Excerpts:

In an article published on September 15th on the pro-LGBT+ website Advocate, Biden’s latest top nuclear hire dives into a defense of the “Rentboy.com” website, which shuttered following an August 2015 illegal prostitution raid. “Rentboy” is a colloquial term for young men who have sex with older men in exchange for money, often under dubious circumstances.

Brinton, who now serves as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy, defended “Rentboy.com” in a September 2nd, 2015 op-ed in Advocate magazine: “The Real Ramifications of the Rentboy Raid.”

The article followed Department of Homeland Security officials raiding Rentboy’s Manhattan offices and arresting chief executive Jeffrey Hurant and six employees on charges of promoting prostitution. The following year, the CEO of the site, which connected male prostitutes and escorts with potential clients, was indicted on a charge of promoting prostitution which he ultimately pleaded guilty.

The U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of New York’s indictment also revealed the site’s negligence regarding underage sex work, particularly across Asia.

Here’s a link to Brinton’s op-ed. Excerpts:

The federal government’s recent attack on Rentboy.com is a devastating assault on some of the most vulnerable members of our community — young adults who, for the first time in their lives, were able to earn a secure living safely through Rentboy after surviving family rejection and homelessness because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

“A secure living” through selling their young bodies for sex. More:

Why do they care? The same reason I do. Because sex work disproportionately affects the LGBT community. Transgender people engage in sex work at a rate 10 times that of cisgender (nontrans) women. And many LGBT youth engage in sex work just to survive. A 2013 Center for American Progress report suggests that LGBT youth are more than three times as likely to have engaged in survival sex.

“Survival sex.” If we don’t let these boys rent out their bodies for the sexual pleasure of other men, then we will have blood on our hands!

Why do I link all these things together? (“You’re just nuuuuuuutpicking, you awful right-winger!”) Because to be in the Democratic Party, and to be in an institution run by the values of the Left (e.g., UCLA), is to be hostage to these people and the moral insanity they represent. We are supposed to turn away from the violence committed by sacred minorities. We are supposed to applaud that Twerkin’ Tiara supports pleasure-based, queer-inclusive sex education for kids, and if we find her butt-shaking undignified, well, that just goes to show how racist we are. We’re supposed to rejoice that that well-educated lunatic Brinton wears ladies clothes to his government job, and thinks he’s defending queer youth by praising prostitution.

These weirdos are symbolic of what the Left is in our country. People like that UCLA anthropologist are driven out of their institutions, but Clown World creeps like Twerkin’ Tiara and Sam The Queer Dog Boy are heroes.

I’m writing this in a Budapest coffee shop. I showed Zoli, the teenage waiter, the clip of  Twerkin’ Tiara. “What is the meaning of this?” he said, nonplussed. I explained to him that she is a state senator who graduated from an Ivy League university. “But look at how she behaves!” he said, screwing his face up in disgust and disbelief.

“You must be a racist,” I said, then quickly let him know that I was joking. I explained to him that this is how it goes in large parts of America today: if you say anything negative about anything a sacred minority does, you can find yourself in real trouble. And that is a big reason why the USA is in real trouble.

Say, folks, I am still having a hell of a lot of trouble with the posting software on my laptop. I apologize for the light posting — it is taking me three or four times as long to do a post.


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