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Trans Tyranny In Tacoma

Outrageous footage of SJW protesters shouting down women peaceably assembling to talk politics

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbooqoQp1tI?rel=0]

Take a look at this clip, or as much of it as you can stand. You can’t see the audience (the camera was stationary, focused on the speakers), but boy, can you hear them. The reader who sent it says:

I hope you will take a look at this video when you get a chance. It records incredible footage of a panel discussion recorded yesterday in Tacoma, WA, where a fight is brewing over Initial 1515, the Just Want Privacy Campaign, which seeks to overturn the HRC law that says biological men can undress and shower next to females in all public and private places based solely upon gender identity in Washington State.

The women panelists are hectored, screamed at continuously, and basically harassed by the trans activists in the audience. I have never seen anything this uncivil and shocking at a public event — including college campus “trigger” events with Milo.

It’s hard to watch the first half hour or so, but women endure. They are so brave! This is a disheartening video, but also ultimately inspiring because of the bravery and encurance of the women on stage.

We have three weeks to gather 300K signatures here in Washington. If we can get 1515 on the ballot, I believe this video will be the best advertisement for the initiative — better than anything money can buy.

This is pure, uncut Social Justice Warriorism. You need to watch at least some of this, to see the kind of bullying people face for simply daring to stand up, peaceably, to the LGBT juggernaut. I don’t take a position on this initiative, because to do so could violate TAC’s not-for-profit status, but I very much take a position on the danger to democracy of unhinged mobs shouting down speakers. It is absolutely intolerable, and any polity that allows a mob to treat its peaceful citizens this way, no matter what their cause, is well on its way to tyranny.



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