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The Trump Interview: Lessons Learned?

State of the Union: Trump says he now understands how Washington works.
Tucker on X
Screenshot (Tucker Carlson on X)

On this week’s “TAC Right Now,” my co-hosts and I recapped the competing presidential events from this past Wednesday: The (undercard) debate on Fox News, and the Trump interview with Tucker Carlson on Twitter.

It struck me as strange that our political media was devoting so much coverage to the debate, and relatively little to the Trump interview. In all likelihood, the debate will be irrelevant. The presumptive GOP nominee was not on that stage.


So I asked Helen what she thought of Trump’s interview. This part of her answer stuck with me:

My favorite line from Trump was where he said that he didn’t know Washington going in in 2017 for his first term, but he feels like he knows it a lot better now, and knows who in the swamp is a snake that he needs to get rid of versus who he can trust. That’s my number one question about a trump second term: Will he have learned the lessons of a first term? I think he will have, so I was assuaged on that point.

Helen’s right. If Trump now understands the personnel problem that plagued his first term, that bodes very well for those of us who want to see an administration that lives up to the populist promise of Trump’s run in 2015-16.

Listen to the rest of the discussion from “TAC Right Now” here.


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