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You Can’t Separate Politics and Theology

Sohrab Ahmari was right about that much. Those who try are only furthering an old consensus that’s withering away.

George Will Strikes Out by Attacking National Conservatism

He quibbles over political means rather than ends, with little idea of what he actually wants to conserve.

America Isn’t an Idea

It’s a place with unique customs that people are proud of. Why do country singers get this but so many scholars don’t?

Fashioning a Post-Fusionist Christian Politics

As the traditional conservative coalition unravels, the faithful must provide a better way. A recent AEI panel discussed the possibilities.

Finding Meaning in Forgotten America

One photographer travels to Trump Country and explores the divisions we don’t always even know are there.

What to Do When Suburbia is Your ‘Hometown’

Postwar development patterns have pitted the ideals of permanence and place against each other.

Religious Liberty Could be Big Loser in Wedding Cake Challenge

Identity rights are slowly pushing religious beliefs outside Constitutional limits.

Casting New Light on Sexual Exploitation of Men and Boys

What is the role of our pornography-obsessed culture?

Flood of Politics Pollutes Harvey Coverage

Linda Sarsour’s fundraising scheme shows partisan underbelly of disaster response.

Three Chords and a MAGA Hat

What changes in country music say about the Trump phenom nationwide.

Christian Thinkers Gather to Denounce Benedict Option

Why they think Rod Dreher is wrong.

Capital Punishment and Abortion are Separate Issues

The “consistent life ethic” undermines arguments against both.

Congressman Kinzinger’s American Mission

Our representatives shouldn’t prioritize foreign conflicts over the domestic common good.