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Jonathan Yaniv Can’t Swim

Penis-having transgender woman laments start of his 'period' because it puts pool off limits


This is Jonathan Yaniv, who is a biological man, and who has made it his business to try to shut down business in his native British Columbia who deny him the services to which he believes he is entitled as a self-proclaimed transgender woman. He’s the guy who filed a human rights commission complaint against the spa owner who refused to wax his testicles. From the National Post:

In a phone call to a Vancouver-area beauty salon, a masculine voice inquires about the availability of Brazilian waxes for “Jonathan.”

“I’m transgender, just so you’re aware, I just want to make sure it’s not an issue,” says Jonathan Yaniv, a trans woman who is now named Jessica and who, on documents like her driver’s licence, has officially changed her gender to female. Yaniv would later say she made the June 2018 recording, which she shared with the National Post, in anticipation of discrimination based on past experience.

“I’m so sorry,” replies the employee of the salon franchise, which has since closed.

“I guess I’ll see you in court,” Yaniv says, and abruptly hangs up.

Yaniv has done this to a number of businesses. Yaniv also has a history of harassing girls. Here are screenshots of a previous conversation he had:

It is vitally important that we all understand that Jonathan Yaniv is a woman under Canadian law, because he says he is a woman. If we in the US adopt laws that require us to recognize people as of a particular sex solely because they say they are, there will be no stopping the Jonathan/Jessica Yanivs. The Equality Act, which was voted for by the entire House Democratic membership, would recognize Yaniv as a female solely on his say-so.

The mainstream media won’t ask any of the Democratic presidential candidates about how they square their support for the Equality Act with the fact that it would empower this troll Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv. As a philosophical matter, if you believe that maleness and femaleness is entirely a matter of individual will — and that’s what gender ideology claims — then you had better be prepared to welcome Jonathan Yaniv into the changing room at the pool, where he will ask your middle-school daughters about tampons.

Do I think most transgender people would behave like Yaniv? No, of course not. That’s not the point. The point is that under the terms of gender ideology, which is being written into law, there is no defense against Jessica/Jonathan Yaniv. He is a woman, because he says so, and you are a bigot if you say he isn’t.

This is what the gender ideologues support. I completely understand why they want to disassociate themselves from this Yaniv freak. But they cannot be allowed to, because his absurd and abusive claims to be a woman are entirely consistent with gender ideology.

Meanwhile, the blessings of Drag Queen Story Hour fall upon small children in England, who are taught how to twerk:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDdckkn08VU]



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