There was a time, not long ago, when non-interventionists looked to the Trump campaign with enthusiasm, however guarded. Remember the GOP primary debate in South Carolina, when Donald Trump became the first senior-level Republican to say that the emperor had no clothes the Iraq War had been a costly failure?

Since then, Trump has become a normal Republican. The American Conservative’s contributing editor Andrew Bacevich filleted Trump on his foreign policy performance in the first debate—and Clinton’s too: “the real travesty of our predicament lies … in the utter shallowness of our political discourse, no more vividly on display than in the realm of national security. … The American people thereby remain in darkness. On that score, Trump, Clinton, and the parties they represent are not adversaries. They are collaborators.”

Think about how in last night’s vice presidential debate, Mike Pence came out as a Russia hawk, and Tim Kaine fell all over himself to out-hawk Pence. Collaborators indeed.

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I was thinking the other day how the last three books I’ve written (including the forthcoming Benedict Option) emerged out of blogging here, and my interaction with you readers. A top journalist who is also a Christian told me that in his view, the Benedict Option is the only paradigm left for conservative Christians in America to consider. He meant that whether conservative Christians accept or reject the Ben Op, it will be the defining concept for us going forward.

I hope he’s right, but we’ll know only after the book is published in March. If he turns out to have been correct, then I think it’s important for you readers to recognize that the idea got traction in TAC. More concretely, J.D. Vance’s terrific Hillbilly Elegy, arguably the most important political book of the year, rose from obscurity to No. 1 bestseller status after my interview with him on this blog went viral.

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