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Labour Votes To Dissolve Britain

This is gibbering insanity … but it is now the official policy of the Labour Party:

Labour will give all foreign nationals living in the UK the right to vote in general elections after its annual conference approved the major policy change.

A motion passed by delegates at the gathering in Brighton will see the party adopt a promise to “extend equal rights to vote to all UK residents” if it wins power.

The change, which was first revealed by The Independent on Sunday, could have a major impact on future elections and any fresh Brexit referendum.

It was passed as part of a motion that also promised a Labour government would “campaign for free movement” and scrap restrictions on immigrants’ access to the NHS.

Currently only British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens are allowed to vote in general elections, while other foreign nationals living in Britain can vote only in local elections and European elections.

Labour will now campaign on a platform of extending the right to vote in general elections to anyone with residency rights in the UK, regardless of their nationality.

Think of it! Foreigners living in Britain would have the right to vote for members of Parliament, which is to say, for who governs Great Britain. And Labour will open the borders. The British people will lose sovereignty in their own country.

This is not a right-wing conspiracy theory. This is now the official policy of the Labour Party.

I don’t care how inept Boris Johnson may be, if you are a British patriot, you’d have to be crazy not to vote for him, or for whoever stands the best chance of keeping Labour out of power. This is an existential question. The future of the nation hangs on keeping Jeremy Corbyn out of No. 10.

UPDATE: A reader:

The Labour Party didn’t come to this conclusion from nowhere, if you ran a poll on this question it wouldn’t be shocking if nearly 50% of eligible voters supported a proposal like this.

And this WILL happen eventually, it’s going to be even more popular with the young. Those boomers that we all love to hate were the only reason the Brexit vote was successful.

People my age don’t believe in nation’s, they don’t believe in borders, and looking at the polls you showed in an earlier article, they don’t even believe in themselves.

My generation (raised by boomers) has been purely Disney-fied. If I asked a random collection of my friends more than half would say it’s racist to prevent a foreigner from voting in our election, after all they live here too.

In a quest for pure inclusion my generation will ensure the creation of a void, which will be filled by unsavory men from all sides.

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