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Ecumenism & The Boinking-Blessers

Polyamory-supporting, self-described “queer” pastor Brandan Robertson YouTube)

Here’s some sexy ecumenism for you:


I know that Father Martin is quite liberal on sexual matters and the Christian faith, but this startled me. Brandan Robertson — this “real disciple of Christ” — is a bisexual who advocates what he calls “holy polyamory.” In a now-deleted video of a sermon he delivered before his progressive congregation (and transcribed in part by Juicy Ecumenism) Robertson said:

“For those who are in an open or polyamorous relationship here this morning who might be squirming, because this is an uncomfortable question to hear in church sometimes. I want you to hear me loud and clear as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your relationships are holy. They are beautiful and they are welcomed and celebrated in this space.”


“We call all of us together to the same set of standards that we call everyone to: to seek to follow Jesus in all of our relationships. To seek to be honest and respectful and self-sacrificial and consensual and loving with your partners. When any of us live into these standards we can be sure we are on the path to wholeness and holiness.”

Robertson is a young pastor with a congregation in San Diego and a sophisticated website, where you can learn more about what he believes and preaches.

Does Jesuit priest James Martin now approve of polyamory? How does he reconcile advocacy for polyamory with “real” Christian discipleship? Is there any mutually consenting boinking that these guys would condemn as incompatible with following Jesus? I don’t think these progressive Christians have any clear standards at all about sex, aside from consent. It’s a very modern ethic, but it is in no way a Christian one. These guys, Pastor Robertson and Father Martin, are leading people into darkness.

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