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CINOs Crash Georgetown Cocktail Party!

Demonizing Christians who think Kim Davis's defiance is imprudent

Writing in First Things, Luma Simms informs us that Christians who oppose same-sex marriage but disagree with Kim Davis’s actions are just like those Washington RINOs who sell out their convictions for the sake of invitations to Georgetown cocktail parties. Examples:

We are Christians first, before we are Americans. So before we start talking about whether this is a good religious liberty case, or not, before we start distancing our educated selves from her simple faith, and before we take to the internet to show the liberal gestapo that we really are for the “rule of law” and that Kim Davis is a simpleton of a Christian who should have resigned before embarrassing us Christians—let’s just step back from this fog and think with a faithful mind.

Yes, because we who disagree can only be faithless snots humiliated by the hicks in our ranks. More:

Kim Davis is being driven by her conversion, by her zeal and love for God. Her awakening to her past sinful life coupled with her present desire to live in obedience to every jot and tittle should drive us to say “thank you Jesus for the witness to faith,” rather than wishing she would just offer a little incense to Caesar and go back to obscurity already.

Yes, because her sincerity justifies her imprudence, and if you believe that she’s morally right but taking actions that are mistaken and possibly harmful to the broader cause of religious liberty, that can only mean that you are willing to betray Our Lord by bowing to idols.

It is very disheartening to read so many attacks on orthodox Christians critical of Kim Davis that question not the logic or premises of our position, but the quality of our character. When was the last time someone was insulted into changing their mind? This all-or-nothing approach to this issue, in which people denounce their own Christian allies as the worst kind of infidels, not because they have embraced same-sex marriage, but simply because they think one person’s dissenting act is wrongheaded — look, is this kind of thing really going to help protect our religious liberties in the long term?

Note well that this is the same rhetorical tactic that so many on the pro-gay left use: insisting that those who disagree with them are not simply wrong, but also wicked.

UPDATE: Alan Jacobs takes Luma Simms to the woodshed.



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