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‘Blacks Stay Out Of White Churches’

It might not surprise you to hear that sentiment in Alabama. It will surprise you who's saying it
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A church in Birmingham, Alabama, publicly advocating racism? What kind of KKK-at-prayer worship center is this?

Um, it’s a black church. More:

A Birmingham pastor is coming under fire for controversial messages slamming a suburban mega church that plans to open a satellite campus in a “high crime” area of the city.

New Era Baptist Church Pastor Michael Jordan said God told him to put the messages up outside his West End church. The sign reads on one side, “Black Folks Need to Stay Out of White Churches.” The other side of the sign says, “White Folks Refused to Be Our Neighbors.” Jordan is strongly opposed to Church of the Highlands, Alabama’s largest church, creating a place of worship in the inner city, even though its intentions are to help curb crime.

“You don’t want to live next door to us, so why do you want to put a church here if they don’t know us? And I am condemning the black African Americans that worship white churches because the culture is so different,” said Jordan.

Pastor Jordan is a bigot who needs to repent. Racism is a sin — and it’s a sin that is particular to no color or tribe. Alas.



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