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The New Nationalism Won’t Save the Right

Most Americans don’t care about a border wall and politics lurches ever leftward.

The Populist Right is Less Popular Than You Think

They might have good ideas but to win they need to stop denying the obvious.

Think Eastern Europe is Authoritarian? Try Germany and France

A recent study concludes that liberal Western powers suppress speech more than their “illiberal” neighbors.

The Myth Making of Antifa Intellectuals

They claim they’ve merely inherited a tradition from the 1930s Left. Here’s why that’s wrong.

Time to Foreclose on the Churchill Cult

He’s a religious faith that no one is allowed to question without forfeiting membership in Western civilization. 

Culturally Radical, Profoundly Destructive

America’s left is at war with the past in a way that even the 20th century’s communist regimes never matched.

American and European Populists Are Talking Past Each Other

On the issue of U.S. hegemony, they have fundamental disagreements.

Neocons and Liberals Join Forces to Fight Populism

Two big Washington think tanks have teamed up to defend democracy against an ‘assault on the transatlantic community.’

Stupid, But Not Socialism

The Right’s effort to distinguish nice Democrats from the other ones is leaving this writer a bit cold.

Yes, We Should Call Them Imperialists

Neoconservatives like Max Boot are fooling themselves if they think imposing ‘values’ on the rest of the world isn’t a matter of empire.

The Hypocrisy of the Establishment’s Democracy Crusaders

They love to scrutinize Poland and Hungary for abuses; their own backyards less so.

A Neoconservative of Conviction

Whatever you thought of his beliefs, the late Charles Krauthammer was the best that mainstream conservatism had.

Ann Coulter’s Embarrassing Rewrite of Civil Rights History

She says anti-discrimination legislation was a Republican solution to a Democratic problem. Here’s what she gets wrong.

What is Democracy Anyway?

Despite what his critics say, Viktor Orbán has far more of a democratic mandate than they do.

Stop Throwing Around the ‘Socialist’ Label

It doesn’t do justice to the politically correct radicalism of today.

‘English Only’ is a Distraction, Not a Solution

We all care about American culture. But forcing people to speak our language isn’t the way to preserve it.

In Rare Form, Hollywood Debates Morals Without Moralizing

Ten years ago, “Doubt” went against type and delivered a study in subtlety and nuance that left this writer pleasantly guessing.

Remaking the World in the Neoconservative Image

What they advocate isn’t a foreign policy; it’s an ideological fixation.

In John Bolton, Trump Gains the Swamp

The idea that Bolton will help Trump beat back official Washington is absurd.

Ralph Peters: The Man Too Militaristic for Fox News

His American exceptionalism and anti-Putinism have left him in an awkward position.

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