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‘The Dispatch’ is Warmed-Over Neoconservative News

They're just reaching leftward to glean support for their war policies without forfeiting membership in Conservative Inc.
Paul Gottfried October 29, 2019

Why Kirsten Gillibrand Was The Worst 2020 Candidate

She's a mean hypocrite---jumping on and off ideological bandwagons like #MeToo only when it's politically convenient.
Paul Gottfried September 5, 2019

Is This ‘Liberalism’?

If it is, it's certainly not in decline. Just don't expect it to hew to any of the early ideas or principles.
Paul Gottfried July 11, 2019

The Hijacking of American Nationalism

Because it's so different from its European variants, the Left and even the neocons have claimed it as their own.
Paul Gottfried June 27, 2019

No, America Isn’t in Danger of Becoming a Socialist Nation

The old S-word bugaboo has surfaced again but the real threat comes from globalism and social progressivism.
Paul Gottfried June 13, 2019

Stop Pretending Democratic Voters Are Victims

Republicans' shopworn lines about how minorities get snookered by crooked leaders clearly don't work.
Paul Gottfried May 31, 2019

Are the Germans Really Russophilian Nationalists?

Just another neoconservative attempt to smear Germans and Russians with the taint of authoritarianism.
Paul Gottfried May 23, 2019

Is Annexing the West Bank a ‘Moral Right’?

A mainstream polemic shows how far some will go to justify Israel's grip on the Palestinians—if not their outright removal.
Paul Gottfried April 29, 2019