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Why Democratic Attacks on Obama Will Boomerang

Outside the Beltway he is still beloved. Candidates should heed this before swiping at his legacy to get at Biden.

Is This ‘Liberalism’?

If it is, it’s certainly not in decline. Just don’t expect it to hew to any of the early ideas or principles.

The Hijacking of American Nationalism

Because it’s so different from its European variants, the Left and even the neocons have claimed it as their own.

No, America Isn’t in Danger of Becoming a Socialist Nation

The old S-word bugaboo has surfaced again but the real threat comes from globalism and social progressivism.

Stop Pretending Democratic Voters Are Victims

Republicans’ shopworn lines about how minorities get snookered by crooked leaders clearly don’t work.

Are the Germans Really Russophilian Nationalists?

Just another neoconservative attempt to smear Germans and Russians with the taint of authoritarianism.

Is Annexing the West Bank a ‘Moral Right’?

A mainstream polemic shows how far some will go to justify Israel’s grip on the Palestinians—if not their outright removal.

Populism Hits an Establishment Roadblock in Europe

Contra conventional wisdom, nationalist movements are having a hard time accessing real power.

Is Joe Biden the White (Bogey)Man He Warned Us About?

Just last week he was flogging his own toxic masculinity and raising the fist of solidarity with women.

The Dawn of Big Government and the Administrative State

New book correctly diagnoses how non-elected agencies are running the country, but falls short on how it got this way.

No, Bernie Sanders Is Not an Alt-Right Knucklehead

Kevin Williamson rants about the Sanders he prefers to see and not the one who really exists.

The Republicans’ Millennial Problem

It’s going to take more than policy gimmicks to compete with the growing allure of victimology.

Falco’s Carmela Always Hit the Complex Note in ‘Sopranos’

20 years later, her decision to compromise morality by breaking bread with a murderer still intrigues.

How Did Buckley’s Up from Liberalism Age?

Not exactly like a fine wine, but for different reasons, says this conservative scholar.

The New Nationalism Won’t Save the Right

Most Americans don’t care about a border wall and politics lurches ever leftward.

The Populist Right is Less Popular Than You Think

They might have good ideas but to win they need to stop denying the obvious.

Think Eastern Europe is Authoritarian? Try Germany and France

A recent study concludes that liberal Western powers suppress speech more than their “illiberal” neighbors.

The Myth Making of Antifa Intellectuals

They claim they’ve merely inherited a tradition from the 1930s Left. Here’s why that’s wrong.

Time to Foreclose on the Churchill Cult

He’s a religious faith that no one is allowed to question without forfeiting membership in Western civilization. 

Culturally Radical, Profoundly Destructive

America’s left is at war with the past in a way that even the 20th century’s communist regimes never matched.

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