Lewis McCrary

Executive Editor

Lewis McCrary, executive editor, began his career in journalism as an editorial assistant and later senior editor at The American Conservative. Before returning to TAC, he was managing editor of The National Interest and Robert Novak Journalism Fellow at the Fund for American Studies. His writing has also appeared at RealClearPoliticsThe Atlantic, and Next City. An alumnus of The Catholic University of America, Cambridge, and Georgetown, he now resides in central Indiana with his wife and two young sons.

author archive

The Big-Box Mirage

Long after paving over local land and small businesses, giants like Wal-Mart now want us to 're-imagine' their footprint.
Lewis McCrary August 2, 2019

Savannah’s Squares Inspire New Urbanists

It's nearly 300 years old, but the colonial-era city is still a model for livable cities.
Lewis McCrary May 18, 2018

Why No Nobel Prize For Architecture?

The big awards divide the profession into modernists and traditionalists.
Lewis McCrary March 16, 2018

Roger Scruton Appointed New Urbanism Fellow at TAC

The distinguished English philosopher will lead our coverage of the built environment.
Lewis McCrary March 8, 2018

Drivers Declare War on Walkers

For Pedestrians, Life is Nasty, Brutish—and Too Often Short
Lewis McCrary March 2, 2018

The Yelp Index of Economic Growth

Can crowdsourcing compete with government data?
Lewis McCrary November 18, 2017

Who Are the Most Influential Urbanists?

A new poll lists 100 people---past and present---who have shaped our built environment.
Lewis McCrary October 12, 2017

The Making of Horizonal America

Words on the Street highlights the best writing on the built environment.
Lewis McCrary October 2, 2017