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Sue Them, Parents. Sue Them Into The Ground

What pro-trans activist California teachers did to vulnerable kids is unconscionable. Where else is it happening?
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The Spreckels USD out in California had a public meeting on Wednesday night, at which some parents let the board members have it over their disgusting pro-transgender manipulation of the minds of vulnerable students, behind the backs of parents. Watch this Mama Bear tear into those perverted teachers:

You can see the whole speech from that mom, Jessica Konen, here. Watch her get a standing ovation from the crowd.

Another angry parent:

A short time ago, the brave Abigail Shrier broke the story on how teachers in California schools secretly planned to coax kids into embracing a trans identity behind their parents’ backs. Excerpts:

Last month, the California Teachers Association (CTA) held a conference advising teachers on best practices for subverting parents, conservative communities and school principals on issues of gender identity and sexual orientation. Speakers went so far as to tout their surveillance of students’ Google searches, internet activity, and hallway conversations in order to target sixth graders for personal invitations to LGBTQ clubs, while actively concealing these clubs’ membership rolls from participants’ parents.

Documents and audio files recently sent to me, and authenticated by three conference participants, permitted a rare insight into the CTA’s sold-out event in Palm Springs, held from October 29-31, 2021. The “2021 LGBTQ+ Issues Conference, Beyond the Binary: Identity & Imagining Possibilities,” provided best practices workshops that encouraged teachers to “have the courage to create a safe environment that fosters bravery to explore sexual orientation, gender identity and expression,” according to the precis of a talk given by fifth grade teacher, C. Scott Miller.

Some of these freak teachers even stalked kids! Read on:

Middle school kids, apparently, did not have endless interest in sitting around with their teachers during lunch discussing their sexual orientations and gender identities. “So we started to brainstorm at the end of the 2020 school year, what are we going to do? We got to see some kids in-person at the end of last year, not many but a few. So we started to try and identify kids. When we were doing our virtual learning – we totally stalked what they were doing on Google, when they weren’t doing school work. One of them was googling ‘Trans Day of Visibility.’ And we’re like, ‘Check.’ We’re going to invite that kid when we get back on campus. Whenever they follow the Google Doodle links or whatever, right, we make note of those kids and the things that they bring up with each other in chats or email or whatever,” Baraki can be heard to say. Beyond electronic surveillance of kids’ internet use, “we use our observations of kids in the classroom—conversations that we hear—to personally invite students. Because that’s really the way we kinda get the bodies in the door. Right? They need sort of a little bit of an invitation,” Baraki says in the clip.

For those paying attention, the educators who guide California teachers in the creation of middle school LGBTQ clubs asserted the following: they struggle to maintain student participation in the clubs; many parents oppose the clubs; teachers surveil students electronically to ferret out students who might be interested, after which the identified student is recruited to the club via a personal invitation.

Jessica Konen, whose daughter attended the school in the Spreckels USD, told the Epoch Times about her experience. Konen is the angry mom above. Excerpt:

Konen claims that one of the teachers coaxed her daughter to join a lunch-hour “Equality Club” and began affirming her daughter as transgender.

Near the end of sixth grade, Konen’s daughter told her she might be bisexual, and by the middle of the seventh grade, Konen was called to the school for a meeting with her daughter, a teacher, and the school principal.

The teacher told Konen her daughter was “trans fluid.”

“I sat across the table, and I was crying. I was trying to absorb everything.”

“They kept looking at me angrily because I kept saying ‘she,’ and that it was going to take me time to time to process everything,” she said. “I was very confused. … I was very upset. I was blindsided—completely blindsided.”

The teacher accused Konen of not being “emotionally supportive” of her daughter, who was to be called by a new name and male pronouns and would be using the unisex restroom at school.

“I felt she completely coached my child,” Konen said.

Konen said she was hurt that her daughter had not come to her first and the teacher acted in mean-spirited “smirking” way towards her.

“It made me feel very, very small as a parent. I was unaware of anything. Not one time had she mentioned to me ‘Oh, I think that I want to change my name,’ or ‘I’m transgender’ or anything. Nothing. I only heard bisexual one time, and that was it,” Konen said.

Within a few days of the meeting, the King City Police Department showed up at her door and told her that there had been a complaint made to Child Protective Services (CPS). The police questioned her two children and asked them if they wanted to be removed from the home.

“They made me feel like a monster,” she said.

But Konen complied and took her children to meet with CPS that week.

According to Konen, CPS dropped the case and did not demand she call her daughter by masculine pronouns as her teacher had insisted.

Throughout the school year, Konen was afraid to ask questions about her daughter or her school activities, fearing that CPS could take her children away.

Read the entire Epoch Times story. There’s more, and it is absolutely horrifying! The damn school called CPS on that mom!

Nothing sets me on fire like child abuse — and that’s exactly what this is. Parents, get together, hire a lawyer, and sue this school system and those teachers until their teeth rattle. Make every school administrator and every teacher in the state scared to death to mess with your kids.

If it’s happening in California, this secret indoctrination, is it happening in your kids’ school system wherever you are? Are you sure? Don’t count on the local news media to search for the answer. You’re going to have to find out for yourself. If any readers of this blog have resources to help parents get to the bottom of what may be going on in their own children’s school, please put it in the comments.

If you watch only one of the videos above, make it the first one, with the angry mom, Jessica Konen. She could be you. What if those teachers did that to your daughter? What if they called CPS on you?

We cannot let this happen in our country. We cannot. These child-stealing monsters have the President of the United States on their side, and the news and entertainment media, and the educational establishment, as well as corporate America. They’re all lined up against moms and dads. It is time to release the Mama Kraken and the Lawyer Kraken on these woke pervs.

UPDATE: A characteristically smart comment by Jonah R.:

I’m on the side of Rod and the conservatives on this one, but anyone who wants to fight back against this needs to keep a few things in mind, and craft an actually persuasive counter-argument.

These efforts by teachers and administrators are rooted in older practices designed to protect gay kids from getting beaten up, killed, or kicked out of the house by their parents—things that do still happen. (In my mid-Atlantic county, if you talk to teachers off the record, there are specific ethnicities and nationalities at higher risk than others, but they’d never say so publicly.) These practices have evolved in a zero-risk environment where teachers and administrators are trained to believe that you can never be too careful. When in doubt, report it to CPS. Their jobs are on the line if they screw up.

If you want to win moderates (and some teachers and administrators) over to this cause, you’re going to have to find a way to acknowledge that from time to time an LGBT kid could be in real danger from their parents, even if the default procedure should NOT be keeping all information about kids’ gender experimentation from their parents.

There’s a critical mass of people opposed to this stuff even in large, liberal school districts. The problem is that they’re deeply turned off by conservative rhetoric, especially when arguments over LGBT policies suddenly veer into unrelated topics like (as I’ve seen in a few cases) school prayer, curricular decisions, etc.

If conservatives want to win this one (which is oh so winnable) rather than just huff and puff about it, they’re going to need a large tent, and they’re going to need to know how to rebut their critics who say they don’t care about the well-being or safety of LGBT kids. Otherwise, the pushback will go nowhere.

I am not the guy to do this. I am too emotional about it. I lose my cool when it comes to sexual abuse or manipulation of kids.