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The Last Days of Kara Tippetts

'Suffering isn't the absence of God's goodness'

Kara Tippetts, who is now in hospice care, wrote last week:

The nurse delivered us hard news today. News I frankly don’t believe. She said how many days she feels I’ll remain, and I’m struggling to believe her. I do see where cancer is having it’s way with my body. Where I’m growing weaker or pain is growing stronger. It’s been made clear to me I’m fading. I’m just in denial.

Her husband Jason subsequently wrote of spending Kara’s final days with her:

I have great memories of us that will last a lifetime, no length of goodbye will take them. I have an us that cannot be lost. And I still get small moments where we are us. But I grieve as I watch her fade. The peace that is in our house is amazing, peace in the midst of tears, peace in the midst of impending loss, but it is peace.

I want all of you to know how thankful I am for your support and prayer. As I struggle to pray, I know you are praying for our family. My prayers seem to turn into puddles of tears. But you are an encouragement to us.

I know I will carry these last memories of peace.

Pray for Kara and the Tippetts family. We will all soon gain a powerful intercessor in Paradise. And because of her blog, her book The Hardest Peace, and the documentary now being made of her, Kara’s message of hope against fear, of light against darkness, will live on for a long, long time.



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