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How Smartphones Can Help You Become Trans

Thanks to ideological abdication of medical responsibility, you can now get hormones and more without doctor exam
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Do you want your cross-sex hormones delivered by mail, without the hassle of having to see a doctor? Would you like a letter giving you medical permission to have your breasts or penis removed? Plume is your online portal to getting radical medical interventions without ever having to be examined by a physician.

The reader who sent me the link says:

Basically, this startup appears to offer access to hormone replacement therapy without the patient ever having to physically see a doctor. It’s a way of exploiting the telehealth turn accelerated by COVID to take traditional clinical care judgments out of the picture entirely.

Also note that through this service, a “medical letter of support” for gender reassignment surgery can be flat-out purchased for $150. Whatever the patient wants, the patient gets. And since it’s all handled through smartphones, it’s highly likely teens can do this quietly without their families ever knowing about it.

Absolutely nuts. This really takes the issue to the next level.

According to the Plume website, the service is only for those 18 and older. How do they verify this, I wonder? Still, this is really berserk. Hormones, surgeries, and sex transitions are massive medical and psychological events. But this is a medical service that allows people to go online and get whatever they want. From the site:

“Cheering you on” — you don’t want medical providers to cheer you on. You want them to tell you the truth.

Plume is based in Denver. This is all you have to do to be assessed, via video, by a Plume doctor:

How is this even legal? How is it reasonable? Where is the extensive psychological evaluation that ought to be standard for someone considering a radical undertaking?

A couple of years ago, I interviewed a physician on staff at a major urban hospital for my book Live Not By Lies. He mentioned that at his hospital, the policy came down from its corporate leadership that going forward, doctors were to provide patients who presented themselves as transgender, and wanting cross-sex hormones, surgery, or any other trans intervention, with what they asked for — no questions asked. Even if a doctor believed that transition was not the right thing for a particular patient, he was not permitted, as a matter of hospital policy, to say so.

This is out of control. Organizations like Plume — and frankly, that well-established and large hospital — are making medical decisions — irreversible ones! — based on cultural politics and ideology. Where is Congress? State legislatures?

Eighteen year old men and women who believe themselves to be transgender are not old enough to buy a legal beer, but they are old enough to go online, pay the fee, get “examined” by a trans-positive doctor, and then get hormone prescriptions and certification for surgical interventions, including irreversible mastectomies and penectomies.

And they’re not even old enough to buy a drink.

Lawmakers are abdicating their responsibilities to regulate this stuff. Why? Are they so afraid of the LGBT lobby, and the media? Is there any other medical procedure of this degree of seriousness that can be ratified and executed over a video call?



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