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Trans Tyranny: The Dangerous New Phase

When America's doctors ask Justice Department to silence activists like Chris Rufo, soft totalitarianism risks turning hard
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Hello all, I made it safely to Budapest, though I left my laptop power cord at home, hence the lack of blogging. I found a place in town that replaced it, and here I am again.

I was shocked, but not surprised, to read this stunning letter to the US Attorney General, from the American Medical Association and other giants of the medical establishment:


Can you believe that? The nation's physicians are asking the federal government to censor criticism of the radical gender surgeries and hormone therapies they do on minors! Chris Rufo, Matt Walsh, and the other critics of this trans regime have always been very clear that threatening violence against hospitals or physicians is morally wrong. But they have also been clear that the mutilation the medical industry is doing to minors and children is also wrong, and should be stopped.

This is a dangerous moment in the advance of soft totalitarianism. Even if the Justice Department refuses this request, the fact that the powerful AMA even made it is extremely revealing. The organization representing the nation's doctors believes that the power of the federal government should be brought to bear to silence criticism of this extreme medical treatment. It is completely fair, and necessary, for the authorities to investigate and prosecute people who threaten violence against hospitals and doctors. But the request from the AMA et alia goes much, much further.

You should know that these exposés typically involve Rufo, Walsh, Libs of TikTok, Billboard Chris, or others posting videos and other information taken from the websites of these hospitals or physicians. I'm not making this up: the AMA wants the feds to punish these activists for using information that the hospitals and physicians have produced themselves to advocate their trans procedures. Rufo explains how this works:


Where are the Republicans? These medical experts cannot be allowed to tell a free people that they cannot criticize doctors and hospitals -- especially when it comes to a phenomenon as extreme as sex-change surgeries and hormone therapies for minors. What do you call it when the Medical-Industrial Complex wishes to collude with the State's law enforcement mechanism to silence criticism? If people like Matt Walsh and Chris Rufo find themselves having to fight to stay out of jail because of their First Amendment-protected exercise of free speech, that is a sign that the soft totalitarianism is turning hard.

The Medical-Industrial Complex doesn't want you to know about women like this heartbreaking one found by Billboard Chris:


The Covid event revealed to us how unreliable the medical profession can be, especially if it is run by ideologues. We also saw how Big Tech will work with those same medical authorities to suppress and censor criticism of those authorities. Covid was a test run; they're now using the same strategy to silence critics of trans medical procedures for minors.

This is soft totalitarianism, y'all. When are we going to fight back? You think this evil will pass you by if you just keep still and keep your head down. Well, guess what? If you live in Virginia, there's a new queer network that will entice your children to leave home, and help them do so. They literally are coming for your children!