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Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia Coercing Parents

Exposed: in-house CHOP training videos teaching staff how to coerce parents into accepting gender transition for their kids
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Years ago, I worked briefly for the Templeton Foundation in Philadelphia, which at the time was run by the (now-deceased) Dr. Jack Templeton, the son of the founder, Sir John Templeton. Jack was a surgeon by training, and one of the world's best pediatric surgeons. I met someone in Philly who, when they found out where I worked, told me that the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia was known as "The House that Jack Built," so great was Dr. Templeton's reputation there.

I am glad, I guess, that Dr. Templeton -- a man of God -- is not alive to see what has become of CHOP. The courageous activist Billboard Chris brings the news. Please forgive the threading problem; I don't know how to do this correctly on the new TAC software. You've got to watch these videos. This, parents, is what we are up against:


As Chris points out, these are TRAINING VIDEOS produced by the hospital for the sake of coercing parents into consenting to the gender transition of their children.


Why does it fall to a parent activist like Billboard Chris and Megan Eileen to do the journalism that the Philadelphia Inquirer ought to be doing? Because the Inquirer is not about reporting the news, but managing it.

Y'all, these are brave men and women who are not intimidated by the authorities, or the mob. They're speaking out to save the lives of children. You should too. Put pressure on politicians to shut down these wicked practices! The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia should be ashamed of itself.

UPDATE: How brave is Billboard Chris Elston? This is what pro-trans Antifa people did to him in Montreal, in his native Canada:

They broke his arm. Wes Yang went to travel with him recently, and writes in his latest Substack newsletter:

The assault is one a long series of moments that crystalize the Twilight Zone—like unreality into which Chris chose to immerse himself, driven by the conviction that he cannot bear to live in a society that doses children with a cancer drug once used to chemically castrate sex offenders before we judged it to be an inhumane punishment. In this inverted world, refraining from engaging in medical experimentation on children makes one a Nazi, and one “Protects Trans Kids” by placing them on a pipeline to becoming lifelong medical patients. Anarchists rage at parents trying to protect children caught up in an online social contagion from the medical risks they are courting— and the whole of our medical and educational establishments, the mega-corporations dominating our culture industries, and the leadership of our ruling political party all speak in one voice in alignment with those putative radicals and against those parents. To travel with Billboard Chris is to plunge oneself entirely into this alternate reality that has subsumed our own, wherein real bodies of actual children are sacrificed on the altar of the astro-turfed pseudo-morality, the rising heathen dogma of our nonprofit and corporate laptop classes who style themselves as the vanguard of humanity while deifying unconstrained human will and desire as the ultimate good which serves as a warrant for the oligarchical powers that be to manage democracy and stifle dissent.

I don't know if that issue of Wes's Substack is for paying subscribers only or not. It contains an interview with Chris, who is one of the unsung heroes of our time. I hope you will subscribe to the Wes Yang Substack -- and I hope you will pray for, and follow, and otherwise support Chris Elston. If the rest of us had even a fraction of the courage of that Canadian dad, this evil scourge would end.