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Gaslighting Mengeles Who Mutilate Kids

'Mastectomies on minors aren't happening!' they said yesterday. Today: 'Yeah, they are -- and it's great!'
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A very important point you need to keep in mind about our media:


Here is a link to that NYT story from earlier this week. Excerpts:

In 2018, doctors at the pediatric gender clinic at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles published a study of 136 transgender patients ages 13 to 25, half of whom had undergone top surgery. Adolescents who had not undergone the procedure reported significantly more distress because of their chests.

Roughly one-third of those who underwent surgery reported ongoing loss of nipple sensation. Only one patient expressed occasional feelings of regret, when imagining wanting to breastfeed a future child.

“There’s very few things in the world that have a zero percent regret rate. And chest surgery, clinically, I’ve experienced that,” said Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy, the lead author of the study and medical director of the clinic in Los Angeles, which began offering surgeries in 2019.

But the study had caveats: Most patients were surveyed less than two years after their surgeries, and nearly 30 percent could not be contacted or declined to participate.

Less than two years! That's all but worthless. One more clip:

Dr. Gallagher of Miami said that she follows up with patients for up to a year. “I can say this honestly: I don’t know of a single case of regret,” Dr. Gallagher said in May, adding that regret was much more common with cosmetic procedures.

But one of her former top surgery patients, Grace Lidinsky-Smith, has been vocal about her detransition on social media and in news reports.

“I slowly came to terms with the fact that it had been a mistake born out of a mental health crisis,” Ms. Lidinsky-Smith, 28, said in an interview.

She had top surgery when she was 23. About 16 months later, Ms. Lidinsky-Smith said she called and emailed her medical providers, including Dr. Gallagher’s office, to tell them she had detransitioned.

When asked about Ms. Lidinsky-Smith’s case, Dr. Gallagher amended her stance, recalling that years ago a former patient left a voice mail message expressing regret over a surgery.

“At the time, we wondered, Is it a hoax?” Dr. Gallagher said.


Here is the ghoulish Dr. Gallagher, who has made herself a celebrity on pro-trans social media with things like this. She has now taken down her TikTok account:

You, reader, need to know that the medical profession, the mainstream media, the educational establishment, and Democratic politicians are gaslighting us all about trans surgery for kids. It is a barbaric practice that has no place in a civilized society. Dr. Gallagher ought to be out of business, and probably even in jail.

Do you know what your kid is watching on his or her phone, or online? Do you know what kind of trans propaganda they're getting in school? You had better. There is a conscious effort to separate your mentally and emotionally distressed children from their bodies, and from your authority. We can fight this politically. Light a fire under the backsides of your Republican politicians. This has to end before more children are maimed for life. Like the poor girl below:


If you don't want to click through, here's the "potentially sensitive content". It's from a poster on the detrans female reddit thread: