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In A World Filled With Desperate Partisans…

Alana Goodman comments on a silly new ad put out by American Crossroads:

How concerned you are about the hot mic moment probably depends on whether you think this was a one-time, off-the-cuff remark or a glimpse into Obama’s mindset on foreign policy.

I’m quite sure that the only people genuinely concerned about this moment are those who already despise improved U.S.-Russian relations and cannot stand the thought that U.S.-Russian cooperation might continue or increase. The rest of those feigning concern are simply opposed to Obama’s re-election for other reasons, but they think that this moment is damaging somehow and want to milk it for all that it’s worth. My impression is that this non-event will have no impact on the election, because once we get past partisan hyperventilating there is nothing in the comments that is particularly meaningful or interesting.

Here is the ad:

The framing of an old Bond movie complete with menacing Russians is a fitting way to convey the ad’s anachronistic paranoia. I don’t think the producers of the ad realize that they have unintentionally sabotaged their attack by emphasizing the campy, outdated nature of their criticism.

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