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The American Conservative can only be a great magazine with your support.

Launching their new conservative magazine (American Conserva
Launching their new conservative magazine (The American Conservative) today are L to R) Scott McConnell, Pat Buchanan and Taki Theodoracopulos. (Photo by Michael Williamson/The The Washington Post via Getty Images)

What people always want to know when you are asking them for money is what you do that others can’t. With The American Conservative, there are so many answers to that, I hardly know where to start.

My job as editor of the print magazine is to put together 50-plus pages of fine writing six times a year. Every issue should persuade, inform, and entertain, and it should express the values TAC was founded on.


In some ways our competition is other conservative magazines. There are some good publications out there (I write for them), but none have the same perspective as TAC, with a populist legacy going back twenty years.

Our competition is also the big dogs: the New Yorker, the Atlantic, Vanity Fair. Have you read the prestige magazines lately? Their editors are so captured by wokeness that half their articles are regurgitated identity politics slurry, and they have completely given up on any kind of standards as far as writing quality is concerned.

The field is wide open for a magazine to provide what the prestige magazines used to offer: the best minds tackling the biggest questions, rejecting easy answers and going straight for the sensitive spots in the complacent consensus.

That is what TAC offers: a home for the kind of independent writing the mainstream publishing world has given up on.

And we don’t just ask our writers for their opinions. We send them where the story is.


That is where the money comes in. The two most expensive things in this business are talent and travel. Pixels are cheap. Sending smart people to bring back facts you can’t Google is expensive.

We produced some excellent on-the-ground reporting last year, and we have plans for more this year. To do it, we need a budget. That’s why we are asking for your help.

The last thing you get at TAC that you don’t get anywhere else is the most important thing of all: a voice you can trust.

A lot of people hopped on the MAGA bandwagon. Some of them are wolves in sheep’s clothing, the same old establishment Republicans, pretending to care about the border and taking on China and stopping cultural decline but actually the same middle-of-the-road corporate liberals they always were.

TAC was MAGA back when MAGA wasn’t so popular. That’s how you know we really mean it.

Most of the people who sincerely believe in making America great again live outside the Beltway (because they are sane people who have real jobs). Those people deserve a voice in Washington. That is what TAC will always be, with your help.

As you plan your year-end charitable giving, we hope you’ll consider making a gift to The American Conservative.