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Fetus Miner’s Friends in High Places

StemExpress prexy's sister a top John Boehner aide

A reader flags this story:

Republican House Speaker John Boehner’s top health-care policy adviser is linked — by blood — to a figure at the heart of the Planned Parenthood baby part-selling scandal.

Charlotte Ivancic, Boehner’s health policy director, is the older sister of Cate Dyer, the founder of Stem Express, the California-based company caught buying aborted fetus parts from Planned Parenthood.

Ivancic, formerly Rep. Paul Ryan’s point person on Medicare reform, advises Boehner on all aspects of health care reform.

“Dyer says one of her biggest inspirations is her sister, Charlotte Ivancic,” according to a Sacramento State University alumni magazine. “She too had aspirations of being doctor, but took a detour and is now an esteemed healthcare law expert.”

Et tu, Mr. Speaker? Conservatives need to hear from you on this.

UPDATE: To clarify, no, I don’t think Boehner needs to fire his aide, and in fact I think it would be outrageous if he did so. I only believe that Boehner should make a public statement saying that this won’t affect his handling of legislation arising out of the Planned Parenthood scandal. That’s all.