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Having solved the problem of serious crime, bureau turning now to policing crimes against wokeness
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The FBI is taking time out of combating the menace of peaceful pro-life protesters to go after high school bullies:

The FBI is helping investigate an anti-LGBTQ hate speech attack that occurred on a Vermont school district’s website, according to a Tuesday statement by the superintendent.

The Orange Southwest School District’s website is currently disabled following an Oct. 1 attack to its website which included “hate speech, symbols, and photographs targeting transgender individuals,” according to the VT Digger. The FBI is working to investigate the attack, according to a statement by the superintendent Layne Millington.

“The creators of the proprietary software [are working] with the FBI [to conduct] a forensic analysis,” Millington said in a statement.

The website attack comes after Randolph Union High School allowed a 14-year-old biological male and player on the female volleyball team to change in the women’s locker room. Members of the volleyball team said the male sharing their locker room made them feel uncomfortable, and the school banned the team from the facility.

“It’s a huge thing … everyone’s asking, ‘Why aren’t you allowed in the locker room?’” Blake Allen, a female player on the high school volleyball team, told WCAX.


The volleyball team is banned from their own locker room, because these female minors don't want to be compelled to see peen. Ain't that something!

Look, whoever vandalized the website did the wrong thing. But the FBI has done such a great job of fighting serious crime that it has time to work on this case? Really?

Now, just imagine that you joined the FBI years ago to be an agent, to fight crime. You spend years perfecting your investigative skills, getting better and better with firearms, and if you're working on the War on Terror, maybe even learning Arabic and other languages. You wanted to be part of the nation's top police agency, to protect America from criminals, terrorists, and other evildoers.

Today? Your bosses order you to spend the days looking for trigger words that make transgenders cry, taking instruction from GLSEN and the Human Rights Campaign to identify moms who were a little too angry at the school board meeting, swarming the home of a pro-life activist with helmets, battering rams, and weapons, to haul the dad off in front of his children, and demonizing parents who don't think their daughter, who survived a sexual assault, should be compelled to endure a biological male flopping his todger around a girls' locker room.

Depressing, isn't it?


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John Phillips
John Phillips
The gaslighting is accelerating. Reality is that the sexual perverts are mentally ill and are a threat to children. Children need to be protected from, not exposed to these sick people.
schedule 8 months ago
    Bogdán Emil
    Bogdán Emil
    Calling people "mentally ill" and "sick" absolves them of personal responsibility.

    Have you considered the frightening possibility that they are healthy?

    What if they're just normal people making choices? Good choices, and bad choices.

    These choices lead to results, and some people become profoundly elevated, or disfigured by their choices.

    But "mentally ill"?

    If you seriously call people mentally ill, not just jokingly, then you absolve them of their bad decisions.
    You negate their moral agency. You deprive them the chance at moral redemption.

    Instead, they can have Materialist redemption. Science will fix you, if you're mentally ill, if you're a sicko.

    You want some chemicals?

    Maybe, try thinking about Right and Wrong, and try confession instead.
    schedule 8 months ago
      John Phillips
      John Phillips
      I think they are mentally ill because the sexual attractions they have are abhorrent to any normal person. The reason we have sex drives is to propagate the human race. We are only one generation away from oblivion if suddenly all people lost their powerful sexual attractions to the opposite sex. That will never happen thankfully, but the crazies are coming out of their closets and trying to make their sickness mainstream.
      schedule 8 months ago
    Bogdán Emil
    Bogdán Emil
    There do exist people who don't see themselves as mere slaves to their unhealthy desires.

    Do you think all your desires are pristine?

    "Out of the closet" pervs of every variety are also people with choices to make. They're not slaves to their lusts, not unless they choose to be.

    Call the desire sick, if you must. Being perfectly human, you too have desires that are unhealthy. I presume you choose not to indulge them. Except when you inevitably fail.

    If your idea of "sick" totally negates the possibility of free will, then it's not really "sick" anymore, is it? In real life, illnesses can heal. But you're talking about something much darker and deeper.

    Furthemore, our responsibility to the sick is to heal them. But again, you're not really talking about "sickness," are you?

    Making the choices they repeatedly make, they are hardly sick, no, these are people who are outright possessed, or else, their minds are engaged with and enchanted by Evil. It's that simple. They are fixated on Evil and the bad darkness and the negativity, and must be led to the Good. They must be told about the Good, about the better choice.

    Calling them sick and mentally ill ain't gonna help anybody. They're astray, far astray, but you too have been on the crooked path, you too have felt the sickness. Don't act like you can't relate to a human being.
    schedule 8 months ago
Jacqueline Rose
Jacqueline Rose
I was confused by what you reported above, but this story is interesting even beyond the use of the FBI to investigate a high school website being hacked, which is itself surreal. It seems that the female volleyball players complained about having a confused boy in their change room and so were locked out of their own change room as punishment. It appears the boy was also locked out. The question of why boys are even allowed to play on girls' sports teams isn't raised in any of the coverage I saw. Worse, the local 'news' site that originally covered this removed the story “so that others could not continue to use our reporting to attack people in the transgender community.” This story is pretty much a perfect summation of the state of our country's culture right now.
schedule 8 months ago
    Michael Cullinan
    Michael Cullinan
    The boy (a trans-identified male, or TIM) whose presence in the girls locker room was unwanted, grossly inappropriate, and threatening, is indeed a story of its own. What makes it worse is that when the girls complained about it, the school administration and the media attacked them. saying they are just "following state law." Vermont is evidently a Woke regime. This is similar to the Connecticut story in which 2 TIMs went out for girls track and subsequently wrecked their sport with the blessing of the state, stealing records and titles in just 2 seasons that the girls will have great difficulty winning back (unless they prevail in court). I'm hoping that some synergy will develop between these stories and bring a landslide down on the two states.
    schedule 7 months ago