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Erdogan’s Coup Against Liberty

The beginning of a Turkish Terror?

While we’re all knotted up over Trump family oratory, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is busily purging the Turkish state and civil society of all suspected opposition:

Meanwhile, the Turkish government crackdown widened on Tuesday to include the education sector and government departments.
Turkish media announced that:

15,200 teachers and other education staff had been sacked
1,577 university deans were ordered to resign
8,777 interior ministry workers were dismissed
1,500 staff in the finance ministry had been fired
257 people working in the prime minister’s office were sacked
Turkey’s media regulation body on Tuesday also revoked the licences of 24 radio and TV channels accused of links to Mr Gulen.

The news came on top of the arrests of more than 6,000 military personal and the sackings of nearly 9,000 police officers. About 3,000 judges have also been suspended.

The man is clearly using this opportunity to thoroughly and completely Islamize his country and turn it into a one-party dictatorship. He is also threatening to bring back the death penalty so he can use it against alleged traitors.

I wonder if all the democrats who took to the streets to protest the coup and support Erdogan are rethinking things.



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