Well, this is news. From NPR:

His poll numbers are sinking. His TV blitz is nowhere to be seen. Big donors aren’t flocking to him.

And if Donald Trump needed more tangible evidence of problems in his campaign, it’s in reports filed Monday at the Federal Election Commission.

As of the end of May, Trump’s campaign account held just $1.3 million compared to Clinton’s $42 million. Ben Carson, whose bid for the GOP nomination ended in early March, had $1.8 million in his campaign fund. Many Republican senators facing tough re-election fights this fall have considerably more money on hand than their party’s presumptive nominee for president.


Clinton’s campaign is capitalizing on the financial disparity. Her campaign now has hundreds of field staffers across the country who are busy organizing voters while Trump’s organization has yet to crack 100 paid employees.

Oh, and look at this from New York magazine:

And he paid $35,000 in advertising to a mystery firm called “Draper Sterling,” which might ring a bell for Mad Men fans and which may or may not actually exist.

This is going to be a political catastrophe we will tell our grandkids we lived to see.