An angry US college professor was caught on video denying in a public forum that Hitler killed six million in the Holocaust.

What should happen to him? What do we do when a Holocaust denier is a tenured college professor?

In fact, Prof. Grover Furr did not deny Hitler’s record of mass murder. I made that up. What he actually did was to deny Stalin’s record of mass murder. Furr says Stalin didn’t kill a single person.

What should happen to him? Ron Radosh says that Furr is on the same level as a Holocaust denier, and that while he is entitled to hold his crazy, groundless, malign opinions privately, he ought not to be entitled to teach them in class.

(Incidentally, I don’t know what kind of forum that was at Montclair State that had the Stalinist Furr on the panel as representative of the “liberal” side, but if I were a liberal, I’d be disgusted. Was the “conservative” a Fascist? And who were these nitwits in the audience actually cheering for Furr’s defense of Stalin?)