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NYU’s ‘Disruption’ Commissars

NYU protest (Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images)

A source inside New York University has leaked to me a shocking document titled “NYU Faculty Cluster Hiring Initiative Roadmap.” I have copied and pasted the original below; I have only left off names of faculty on the “Cluster Review Committee,” because I don’t want them to be subjected to doxxing or online harassment. If any journalists want to write about this story and would like the list of names, e-mail me at rod — at — amconmag — dot — com, and I’ll sent it to you.

Why is the document shocking? The Faculty Cluster Initiative is a new program meant to increase diversity faculty hiring. According to the document, non-white (“historically underrepresented”) students represent 41 percent of NYU’s student body, but only 20 percent of the faculty are non-white. Though there may be non-racist reasons for this, NYU doesn’t want to hear them. The racial discrepancy is unacceptable to NYU. The Faculty Cluster Initiative is meant to “disrupt” faculty recruitment and hiring procedures.

So what does it do? Once you cut through the woke Human Resources jargon (“vibrant,” “inclusive,” “holistically,” “positively impact,” etc.), it says this, according to my source:

1. Traditional hiring (the department, the people with expertise in the field, do the hiring) is a roadblock to diversity, and must be “disrupted.”
2. Groups with “similar research  interests” (like critical race theory and intersectionality) can now form “clusters” that can do an end-run around traditional hiring and just put someone into a department.
This is how the woke are going to finally conquer STEM. Instead of, say, physicists, the departments will increasingly be occupied by people who write papers like “Quantum Mechanics: A Force for White Domination.”
UPDATE: My source e-mailed after reading this to say:
No, “historically underrepresented” *excludes Asians, especially Asian males, because they are “historically overrepresented”!
In fact, no one is going to be hit as hard by this initiative as potential Asian hires.

Below is the full document, minus the names of the Cluster Review Committee members:


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