Just learned this afternoon that the Maple Street Book Shop, which was going to be at Walker Percy Weekend this Friday and Saturday selling Percy books, has had to pull out due to unforeseen circumstances. If you can get here by Saturday morning with a pile of Percy titles and miscellany, you could sell some books to several hundred adoring fans of Walker Percy and Southern literature. If anybody can figure out a way to ship or deliver some books to us by Saturday morning, local shop Grandmother’s Buttons, whose owners are huge Percy fans and co-sponsors of our festival,┬áhas offered to sell them.

To be clear, we at the festival aren’t making a dime of profit off the sale of Walker Percy books. We just want to provide them for sale to festivalgoers, who are among Percy’s biggest fans. Anything that makes folks more excited about reading Walker Percy and talking about his ideas is something we strongly support. I’m scrambling to see what we can do here at the last minute on the book front. If you are a bookseller (or publisher) and can help us in this pinch, or if you have any good ideas, please post or e-mail me at rod (at) amconmag.com