Boy, this chaps my cul:

The family of a French gunman who targeted a Jewish school and was later shot dead by police has filed a lawsuit suggesting he was intentionally killed.

Prosecutors say Mohamed Merah killed three Jewish schoolchildren, a rabbi and three French paratroopers in a rampage in March that shocked the country. Police say Merah died in a shootout with police after a 32-hour standoff at his apartment in the southern city of Toulouse.

Algerian lawyer Zahia Mokhtari and French lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre filed the lawsuit in the main Paris courthouse Monday for “murder with aggravating circumstances.”

Coutant-Peyre says the suit does not name anyone specifically, but suggested that the family is accusing the elite RAID police force of intentionally killing Merah instead of capturing him alive and letting him speak out.

Ah, yes, poor, poor Mohamed Merah. ‘Memba him?

He reportedly admitted the shootings in which three unarmed French soldiers were killed, as well as a rabbi and three small children at a Jewish school. Merah reportedly held one little girl, Myriam Monsonego, by her hair to shoot her in the head.

According to French prosecutors, he had expressed no regrets other than “not having claimed more victims” and was proud of having “brought France to its knees”.

Disgusting. It would have been better to have captured him alive, of course, but he bloody well deserved what he got. Merah was French-born, to an immigrant family. I hope the French government can find grounds to deport every single one of them involved in this outrageous lawsuit.