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Don’t Mess With Curt Schilling’s Kid

The baseball great delivers justice to Twitter trolls

A reader sent in this great item about how the retired baseball player Curt Schilling tracked down the real identities of two Twitter trolls who made extremely vile sexual comments about his daughter on social media. On his blog, Schilling said of these tweets (which came from far more than just two people):

And tweets with the word rape, bloody underwear and pretty much every other vulgar and defiling word you could likely fathom began to follow.

Now let me emphasize again. I was a jock my whole life. I played sports my whole life. Baseball since I was 5 until I retired at 41. I know clubhouses. I lived in a dorm. I get it. Guys will be guys. Guys will say dumb crap, often. But I can’t ever remember, drunk, in a clubhouse, with best friends, with anyone, ever speaking like this to someone…

He tracked down two of these jerks and made their real identities public on his blog:

“The Sports Guru”? Ya he’s a DJ named Adam Nagel (DJ is a bit strong since he’s on the air for 1 hour a week) on Brookdale Student Radio at Brookdale Community College. How do you think that place feels about this stud representing their school? You don’t think this isn’t going to be a nice compilation that will show up every single time this idiot is googled the rest of his life? What happens when a potential woman he’s after googles and reads this?

The other clown? He’s VP of the Theta Xi fraternity at Montclair State University. I gotta believe if Theta Xi is cool with a VP of one of their chapters acting like this I’d prefer to have no one I know in it. Also, does anyone attending Montclair State University have a student handbook? If so can you pass it along because I am pretty sure there are about 90 violations in this idiots tweets.

I stopped because the rest was more of the same. And while these, to me as a dad, are just stupid and vile in ways you can’t fathom, they aren’t alone.

He says he knows the identities of more than these two:

If I was a deranged protective dad I could have been face to face with any of these people in less than 4 hours. I know every one of their names, their parents, where they go to school, what they do, what team they are on, their positions, stats, all of it. I had to do almost nothing to get ANY of that information because it is all public.

The point he’s making is that idiotic young people today think that there are no consequences for what they say on social media. Schilling says these idiots he’s outed will have their vileness googleable for the rest of their lives — and they deserve it. More:

These aren’t thugs, tough guys or bad asses, these aren’t kids who’ve had it rough, they aren’t homeless or orphans, these are pretty much ALL white, affluent, college attending children, and I mean children.

A mistake is tweeting once and saying “damn, I’m an idiot” and taking it down. These guys? They’re making conscious choices to cyberbully an amazing and beautiful young woman on the internet, that none of them know by the way, because they don’t like her dad or they somehow think saying words you can teach a 5 year old is tough?

Once their identities were made public by Schilling, the two woman-hating trash-talkers suffered consequences. The DJ was fired, and the other guy is facing investigation by his college. Schilling updated his post by adding two more Twitter accounts of people who cyberbullied his daughter. Really interesting post. Good for Curt Schilling. Examples must be made.



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