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Bob Good Primary Battle Headed to Recount

State of the Union: The struggle for Virginia’s Fifth District has split the right.
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Rep. Bob Good (R-VA), the Freedom Caucus chairman, appeared to have lost his Tuesday primary race to the Trump-backed Virginia State Sen. John McGuire by half a percent, or 327 votes, with 98 percent of the vote counted.

While McGuire claimed victory late Tuesday night, the margin is narrow enough that, under Virginia election procedures, election officials are likely to conduct an automatic recount.


Good thanked his supporters in an X post for their dedication to fighting “the DC swamp.”

The Virginia Fifth District race has split the right. Good’s supporters have pointed to his staunchly conservative legislative record; opposition has centered on his support for the Floridian Gov. Ron DeSantis’s presidential bid against the former President Donald Trump and his role in organizing the former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s ouster.