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Local GOP Leaders Ask Trump to Reconsider Backing Bob Good's Primary Challenger

State of the Union: In the aftermath of former President Donald Trump’s endorsement of state Sen. John McGuire in Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District, local leaders say Trump should reconsider.

Rep. Bob Good conducts a news conference in the Capitol Visitor Center on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

On the heels of former President Donald Trump’s endorsement of state Sen. John McGuire, Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good’s challenger in Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District, local Republican leaders are asking Trump to reconsider.

In an open letter addressed to President Trump signed by 5th District Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Rick Buchanan and more than two dozen local GOP leaders that was provided to The American Conservative, the local GOP leaders “strongly urge President Donald Trump to reconsider his endorsement of Congressman Bob Good’s opponent in the Republican Primary.”


“Congressman Bob Good has championed America First policies by introducing legislation to codify policies defunding chain migration and requiring that immigrants are self-sufficient," the group writes. “He also offered multiple bills that would build upon Trump’s regulatory relief for businesses across the country.” Meanwhile, the group characterizes McGuire as a liar and power hungry, “only representing his own ambitions rather than the needs of his constituents.”

As evidence, the local leaders point out that, “In 2023, [McGuire] repeatedly told voters that he would not run against Congressman Bob Good only to file to run for Congress less than 2 weeks after he was elected to the Virginia Senate and before he was even sworn into office.”

“Congressman Good’s opponent is relying on millions of dollars from outside Virginia to support his candidacy,” the group adds. Previous reporting from TAC found that anti-conservative GOP groups, mostly allied of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, are pumping millions of dollars into Virginia’s Fifth District.

McGuire, the group says, could negatively impact turnout for Trump. “He does not represent the values of the Republicans of the 5th District and has proven so by refusing to debate Congressman Good on the issues that matter to us. In fact, the endorsement may, in fact, hurt the strong support of conservatives for President Trump in the Fighting 5th that he will need in November.” In the past, Good has managed to outperform Trump in the district.

“We hope President Trump reconsiders his ill-advised endorsement and stands with the Grassroots America First supporters of Congressman Bob Good,” the letter concludes.