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Biden Stumbles Through Anti-Gun Speech After Son’s Gun Conviction

State of the Union: The speech was disrupted by a pro-Palestinian demonstrator.
President Biden Delivers State Of The Union Address

On Tuesday afternoon, President Joe Biden addressed the “Gun Sense University” of the pro-gun control group “Everytown for Gun Safety” in his first speech since his son’s conviction on three felony weapons charges. 

Biden visibly struggled throughout the speech, stammering and mixing up words. 


Biden made a number of demonstrably false claims during his speech, for instance claiming that he was a professor at UPenn who taught a constitutional law class on the Second Amendment.

Biden also claimed that last year saw a massive decrease in crime, which ignores that agencies such as the massive police departments of Los Angeles and New York, as well as over 90 percent of agencies in Florida and Pennsylvania, have not yet submitted their data to the FBI, leaving the full picture of the current public safety environment incomplete. 

Biden was also shouted down by a pro-Palestinian protestor and appeared confused in the ensuing shouting match between the protestor and pro-Biden members of the audience.

Biden did not mention his son Hunter’s conviction on three federal charges arising from the illegal purchase of a firearm. The verdict was announced hours before the event.