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The Latest Casualty of the Marines’ Surrender to Political Correctness

Marcus Mainz was relieved of his command, effectively finishing his career, in May.
William S. Lind July 25, 2018

A Cleveland Revival Must Include Manufacturing

The Rust Belt has revived by rediscovering its cultural heritage—but it must also make things.
William S. Lind June 22, 2018

The New Separatism

As national governments are plunged into crisis, many are looking elsewhere for their identities.
William S. Lind February 21, 2018

Addressing Trump’s Errant Foreign Policy

Realists need a new vanguard in Congress.
William S. Lind June 26, 2017

Going Off the Rails?

Trump risks a big backlash if he reneges on his campaign promises.
William S. Lind May 4, 2017

Localism Means Security

Resilient communities are the answer to globalism's weakness.
William S. Lind December 19, 2016

The Past and Future of War

Martin van Creveld and Douglas Macgregor illuminate the battlefield.
William S. Lind October 6, 2016

What Trump Can Do for Defense

Pentagon courtiers need to hear the magic words: “You're fired!”
William S. Lind July 11, 2016