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Just the Ticket

A clever way to square the circle in 2024.

(Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

In 2016, I voted twice (legally) for Mr. Donald Trump, once in the Ohio primary and once in November. I also contributed to his campaign and met with him briefly to give him a copy of the last book I co-authored with the late Paul Weyrich, The Next Conservatism. In 2020, I again contributed to his campaign and voted for him. I anticipate doing both again if he wins the Republican nomination in 2024. I would be happy to see him back in the White House.

This time, I think President Trump would be wiser in selecting his advisors—no more John Boltons, without whom the permanent crisis in Korea might now be over. I hope he would have some people around him who could couple his instincts, which are usually right, with coherent strategies for turning them into national policies. As it was, despite massive sabotage by the Deep State, President Trump had some solid achievements. Most importantly, he kept us out of war. Because he recognized that Russia, like other countries, has legitimate security interests the U.S. should respect, I think we would not now be seeing a war in Ukraine if he were still in office. Instead, we must watch President Biden play with nuclear war with both Russia and China as if he were playing in the bathtub with toy boats.