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Turning 1984 on the Left 

Video cameras in every classroom may sound dystopian, but how else to stop woke indoctrination in schools?

(Timothy Kuiper/Shutterstock)

Usually, conservatives are happy to turn back the clock. But not always. At present, it is the calendar that is turning backwards to the year 1984, and we don’t much like it. Why? Because in the novel with that title, anyone who dares defy the state ideology is in trouble and that ideology demands that everyone live a lie.

In our case, the ideology is cultural Marxism, Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms, largely by the Frankfurt School. Just as under economic Marxism, all members of the bourgeoisie are inherently evil and must be “reeducated,” so the same is now true for anyone white, male (or non-feminist female), and straight. An op-ed from the October 1 Wall Street Journal by a registered nurse, Laura L. Morgan, shows where we are: