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What seems impossible today will be routine tomorrow.

Border Crossings Fall For Third Straight Month

The American foreign policy establishment, a.k.a. the Blob, is like the drunk who is looking under a streetlight for his car keys. He knows he did not drop them there, but it is where he can see. In identifying threats to America and its vital interests, the Blob can only see those that arise on an east–west axis, i.e., China and Russia. But the mortal danger to the U.S., Europe and most of the rest of the northern hemisphere flows from the Global South. To that danger the Blob is blind.

What is that danger? Mass immigration from places with dysfunctional cultures. Despite the “multicultural” baloney, only two cultures have proven successful over time, Western and Chinese. That is why Chinese immigrants quickly become successful middle-class citizens in Western countries. People pouring over Europe’s and America’s southern borders come from places where nothing works. The cause of their failure is, at root, cultural. Climate change, shifts in world trade patterns, socialist governments that destroy the local economy, etc., are all factors. But functional cultures can deal with these problems. South American, African, and Islamic cultures cannot.


So their people flee, seeking a place where things do work. But they take the culture they are fleeing with them, because it is all they know. Wherever they settle in large numbers, crime, dishonest dealing, disregard for civic duties, and general decline follow. What was our country slowly becomes theirs.

The Blob cannot perceive any of this, partly because of their cultural Marxism, partly because they only recognize threats from other states, and mostly because an east–west orientation on threats from Russia and China keeps the money flowing. Defending borders does not demand trillion-dollar fighter planes (like the flying piano that is the F-35). It does not offer cushy jobs to foreign service bureaucrats. It does not generate useless conferences where think tank “experts” can justify their existence to their donors. So the political establishments here and in Europe leave the pet door open and millions of skunks invade our living rooms.

The Blob’s east–west fixation represents the highest level of foreign policy error, a false orientation at the grand strategic level. We have seen the consequences of such error before, in 1914. The three Christian, conservative monarchies of Russia, Germany, and Austria-Hungary all focused on each other as the prime threat. The real threat was secular democracy. Had they united against it, they might still be with us today. Instead, they destroyed each other, and the victors were America’s worst ever president, Woodrow Wilson, and a guy named Lenin sitting in a cafe in Zurich. That is the scale of catastrophe a false orientation at the grand strategic level can bring.

As Lenin asked, what is to be done? An answer is rising in Europe: re-immigration. While both Europe and the U.S. face massive invasions by immigrants, their problems are not identical. Most of those swimming the Rio Grande are Christian. Those from Venezuela were in many cases members of the middle class until socialism destroyed their country’s economy. They are coming faster than we can acculturate them, but with time and sharp restriction of the flow rate most can become Americans.

The Moslems pouring across the Mediterranean into Europe are a wholly different matter. They will never acculturate. Their religion forbids it. When in Britain parading Moslems carry banners saying “Islam: Our Religion Today, Your Religion Tomorrow,” they are not suggesting Britons will have a choice in the matter.

European conservatives are proposing the only answer that can preserve European civilization: re-immigration. Re-immigration means sending them back.

Here is how it might work. As soon as an illegal alien lands on a European shore, he or she is put aboard a ship. Containerships with bare-bones living accommodations made from shipping containers can hold many people. When the ship or ships are full, they carry the would-be invaders back to a non-European shore. Ideally, it would be the shore from which they sailed for Europe, and the country there would willingly receive them. If it won’t, European navies suddenly have a mission. They make an amphibious landing, dump the illegals ashore, and leave. The message would soon become clear; if you make it to Europe, your stay will be measured in hours. In the face of that reality, the flow across the Mediterranean would dry up.

Is Europe capable of this? Physically, yes. Politically, not yet. But Europe’s real right is rising, and invasion from the global south is putting wind in their sails. What seems impossible today will be routine tomorrow.


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