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Micah Mattix manages and writes for Prufrock at The American Conservative and is an assistant professor of literature at Houston Baptist University. He writes regularly on poetry for The Wall Street Journal and on books and arts for The Weekly Standard, National Review, The New Criterion, The American Spectator, First Things, Books & Culture, and many other publications. Follow him on Twitter.

The Birth of the Electric Guitar, the Man Behind ‘Messiah’, and Hemingway the Failure

Also: A disputed portrait of Austen as a teenager, Twitter as Scripture, and more.

How English Became English, Growing Plants on the Moon, and Making Opera Cool

Also: Revisiting Orestes Brownson’s defense of the American constitution and a certain kind of liberalism.

Thomas Merton’s Silence, Chopin’s Greatness, and Overparenting Americans

Also: Metaphysical words, a Catholic “Dracula,” and more.

Investigating LBJ, Victorian Masculinity, and the Man Who Saved Hemingway

Also: The return of Buffy, lessons from Rome, and more.

Why Children Need Fathers, “Failing” Valedictorians, and How Paris Became Paris

Also: The stupidity of Twitter mob clauses in author contracts, the story of Dr. Rapp, and more.

Defending Originalism, The Morality of Negative Reviews, and the “Science” of Social Psychology

Also: Pushing buttons, Ernst Jünger’s war journals, and more.

The Vatican Starts a Track Team, Churchill’s Paintings, and Gambling in Russian Literature

Also: Jill Abramson’s false book on facts, Proust in the Gulag, and more.

The Sexual Revolution’s Incoherence, Medieval Teeth, and Fox News Fan Art

Also: UNC’s chancellor orders the removal of Silent Sam’s pedestal, in praise of ‘Goldeneye’, and more.

‘1984’ in China, the World’s Best-Known Writer, and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in Exile

Also: How Broadway became Broadway, brainwashing young critics, and more.

In Defense of Great Books

The literary canon is formed through serious criticism—not mere nostalgia.

Finding True South

Will new Southern writing avoid the trap of nostalgia?

Proust’s English Voice

Behind great literature there is often a great translator.

“Choosing Life in the Face of Death”

D.G. Myers has passed away.

Do We Really Need More Political Poetry?

Juan Vidal thinks we need more political poetry. He’s wrong.

Mind Your Metaphors

Metaphors can be both “embodied” and transcendent.

Online Education and the Future of College

Why won’t online education replace campus learning? We have bodies.

Against the Anthology

If you want to see what ails English departments, look no further than one of its most popular textbooks.

Ross Douthat on Conservatives and Art

Ross Douthat has weighed in on Adam Bellow’s piece on the need …

RAGBRAI and New Urbanism

Last week, my eldest and I took part in RAGBRAI (The Register’s …

Politics and Literature

Conservatives should reinvest in art for its own sake, not to win a culture war.

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