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Micah Mattix manages and writes for Prufrock at The American Conservative and is an assistant professor of literature at Houston Baptist University. He writes regularly on poetry for The Wall Street Journal and on books and arts for The Weekly Standard, National Review, The New Criterion, The American Spectator, First Things, Books & Culture, and many other publications. Follow him on Twitter.

How a University Dies, the New Helvetica, and Abandoning Quantum Mechanics

Also: Michel Houellebecq receives Legion of Honor, and more.

Kafka’s Papers, Charlotte Brontë’s Hair, and Shakespeare’s Neighborhood

Also: Joseph Stalin’s extraordinary evil, and more.

Rebuilding Notre Dame, the Making of ‘Salvator Mundi’, and the Pulitzer Winners

The Palace of Westminster caught on fire times 40 times in four years. Is it next?

The Latest on the Notre Dame Fire, Against the Political Invasion of Art, and in Defense of the Thesaurus

Also: Christianity and the codex, and more.

In Search of the Rosario Family Gold, Chantal Joffe’s Self-Portraits, and a Lehman Brothers Play

Also: Randy Boyagoda’s new novel, racism and identity politics, and more.

A Religious Satire for the 21st Century

With his Catholic university on the brink, Randy Boyagoda’s professor travels to the Middle East to save it. Will he lose himself?

The Joys of Print, How Space Affects the Body, and Michel Houellebecq on Pentecostalism

Also: The metaphysics of tombs, a Christian case against open borders, and more.

First-Ever Photo of a Black Hole, Julian Assange Arrested, and in Defense of Roger Scruton

Also: Dan Robbins, the “paint-by-number” inventor has died.

Medieval Parasites, a Modern Chekhov, and “Relevant” Art

Also: Kirk the radical, the science of pyroclastic flows, and more.

Roman Concrete, the Science of Synchronization, and History as Entertainment

Also: Artist’s books, giant technicolor squirrels, and more.

Madeleine L’Engle’s Moral Banality, Walt Whitman’s Last Thoughts, and an All-Too-Human Thomas Merton

Also: Andrew Klavan’s latest novel, Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s bad books, and more.

Social Justice Indoctrination, Van Gogh in London, and Defining the Soul

Also: Victorians and the moon, Sagrada Familia from above, and more.

The Religion of Sociology, the Code of the Western, and a Literary Map of the UK

Also: Max Weber today, salt mines, and more.

Dostoevsky and Lutheranism, the Real Socrates, and Making Sense of Caesar

Also: Robinson Jeffers after WWII, a history of The Club, and more.

The Romance of Oppression, the Real Kazakhs, and a History of Blue

Also: The robocall king, and more.

Baseball Books, Searching for Hitler, and Hitchhiking with Dostoevsky

Also: Ian Buruma on editing today, and more.

There’s No Such Thing as a Worthless Book

Also: The uniqueness of Japan, the popular poetry of Elizabeth Jennings, the science of the free throw, and more.

Religious Modernism, Against Homework, and in Praise of Pigeons

Also: The bestselling but unpublished Mueller Report, melting ice sculptures, and more.

Anti-Totalitarian Camus, Trolling Progressives, and Tim Burton’s “Dumbo”

Also: The Trump tell-all book agents, making sense of the South, and more.

The Motley South

It’s no longer agrarian but it’s still wonderfully different from the rest of the United States. Just ask John Shelton Reed.

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